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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Asia. I love you, but SHUT THE FUUCK UP! *runs and hides from psycho preppy giddy girl*

Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: Asia laughing her ass off at me

I wasn't the one squealing with delight, (yes you squealed with delight) and giggling (yes you truly and honestly GIGGLED) all giddified and perky and and gushy and cute, all over the place. HMPH. I am sooo offended. I doubt I'll be over this in weeks and weeks and weeks. Just be glad that I'm happy too or I'd be a force to reckon with! (Attempts to stop smiling for ten seconds) Damn. It didn't work. 2006 is lovely... sigh.

My mommy says Hi to you, btw.

-Who else but Spasia?


And again I say "Asia SHUT THE FUCK UP!" :p More importantly I say this: WTF aren't you online?! I need my girlie Asia to talk to, I've got STUFF to tell you dammit!!!! This happy, giggly girl thing is almost refreshing. I'm used to it from you Ms Eternal Optimist :p I love you and I love 2006 :D