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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

After spending a couple of hours in IM with each other, and with me feeling a profound urge to get out of the house wattshumphrey  and I went to Webb's. We sat there talking for a good four hours about our favourite movies music and just chilling. While I was putting cream and sugar in my coffee, I ended up spilling the second creamer. I creamed myself at Webb's. I suck. I've determined that that particular pair of Old Navy bootcut jeans are bad luck for me. I got mustard on them when Care Bear and I saw Aerosmith, spilled half a bottle of water on them on the way to Node from C'est La Vie, and now the creamer. Damn you jeans!

Retarded Matt Hardy and I were sposed to hang out, but he's sick, so that was rainchecked.

Asia was making fun of me earlier. *cry* Punkass. I must remember to fix all my mood icons soon.

Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: James Blunt-Billy

Do you miss me?

Yes, how's Texas?

it's warm...and insane...he has a half sister, his mom has cancer and is likely coming to live with us, and i'm making and selling jewelry...i left my #s on your machine...call me sometime