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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Paranoia is the mother of invention

While getting ready for another boring night at Ihop and IM'ing off and on with wattshumphrey  while he was working, my phone rang. When I looked at the caller id, it said "Ohio call", thinking that it was Jeff using a different phone I answered. I said "Hello" about three times, and then they hung up on me. The number was unfamiliar, and my first reaction was instant paranoia that it was his fiancee. After panicking for a good 15-20mins, I looked up the area code 513 in the white pages and now have only one thing to say: WTF do I know in Cincinatti?! Answer: No one. Now I feel retarded that I emailed Jeff in a complete paranoid panic (yay alliteration).

I did not want to go to work at all today, but I made some ok money and bought a dime offa Mari. Now I have some herb. Joy.

Last night I met the most evil posessive cat ever.  wattshumphrey  and I hung out again, we spent the evening talking and watching Clerks the cartoon. As soon as I walked in the door, Tua began to growl and hiss at me. It was unnerving to say the least. I had a blast hanging out with with him and Tua both amused me and scared the hell out of me. He asked me about my psoriasis, and instantly I became paranoid that he would no longer be interested in me. I've had that particular paranoia before with Jeff and one or two other guys I liked. Of course the cruel ignorance of childhood planted the seed of that paranoia. Like most of my paranoia, this one was squished, I saw it in those sexy green eyes that it didn't matter and was instantly relieved. His cat hates me. Weird. Asia seems to be just as smitten with him as I am, I spent a good four hours on the phone with her being girlie and retarded. She and Ken were making fun of me. Punks *pout*

Tonight was blast from the past night. One of my mom's friends/favourite customers from when she had her resteraunt was in Ihop tonight. We chatted a bit, and it felt really great to see her. On the way home from Ihop, I ran into two guys I knew from the Sam Goody days. I caught up with Jason, and we had a couple of laughs.

There are two people who need either a bullet in the skull or their genetalia mutilated. They happen to be Anne Rice and the drunk idiot black guy on the bus that kept talking about how pretty I am on the bus. Damn you, Anne Rice for turning Lestat into a pussy, reclaiming you Catholicism, and for allowing Elton John to turn Lestat into a musical. Burn in hell, whore. Oh, yeah damn you AOL for booting me whilst I was fixing my mood icons! Whores.

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Current Music: mmmmm watching Interview

But did he buy eggs yet? That's all I wanna know.

Re: Psshhh...

Lol, prolly not, but I did ask him.