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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Out of the mouths of babes...

Thursday wattshumphrey  was kind enough to hang out with me whilst I was babysitting Konnor. I was not anticipating Madi coming home before he arrived, and I wanted to see him. After getting Madi's permission, it was confirmed he'd come over. Joy.  Madi Stephanie and her kids came back about 10 minutes before he arrived. He was immediately thrust into my family and closest friends. He was playing with Konnnor on the couch and it was just so sweet. They looked ADORABLE together. After Konnor's initial "Hey, you're new, I'm going to avoid you and play with my cousins." He took to John very quickly, shunning me. Jen: "Konnor can I play too?" Konnor: "No!" Konnor also took to calling him "Bubba", just running up to him at random moments handing him the puzzle ball, curling up into his lap, and saying "Bubba, play" Konnor + wattshumphrey = adorable. *nod*

Earlier in the evening while Konnor and Matthew were playing I used him as an ottoman, and he gave me the most amazing foot massage I'd ever had. Skwee. (How's that Asia? Is that "something special"? :p) The foot massage immediately made Madi and her sister Stephanie insanely jealous, and all I could pick up from the both of them was "Jen if you fuck this up we'll kick you." Once the euphoria flowed, I promoted him from quasi boyfriend to boyfriend, cos damn he's good to me :D

We hung around until Mike got home, and they talked about gaming and other various things. The three of us had some fun, and we kinda taught him Rummy. I seriously hoped that John had a good time with all of us, and I was pleasantly surprised when Mike did not give him the "Hurt her and I'll rip your *insert various body parts here* off speech"

Today we spent a good three to four hours in a restaurant near his place talking over many many cups of coffee. We watched an episode and a half of Buffy (No more Netflix+stabby *nod* and James Marsters does not need a stake in his heart :p) before going to hang out with his friend Alex. The three of us went to Landmark and watched him DDR. Ack. I did exactly what I said I'd do too, and that was watch him and make fun of him. When he was too tired to do anymore DDR we debated on where to go to kill time before seeing Memoirs of a Geisha at the Oriental. We went to the Chocolate Factory and talked over ice cream. They were telling me various stories from college days. On a side note, the Chocolate Factory has the weirdest tasting whipped cream and hot fudge. Blech. Memoirs of a Geisha was pretty good, but now I'll have to read the book again in order to fully pick the movie apart. He was sweet enough to wait while I changed into my uniform and then he took me to Ihop. We also made dinner plans for tonight, and I'm staying up to do laundry so that I can just bring my uniform with me if it gets too close to ten for me to come home, change and head out.

Work tonight was fairly uneventful, a couple of retarded black guys were bitching about their pecan pancakes claiming there were no pecans in the batter. All I wanted to say to them was "Look at them ffs!" Twats. On a final note and homage to Mallrats: sweetcharade + wattshumphrey = retarded for each other.

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Current Music: none I'm watching Dawson's Creek

Everyone was fine, Madi, Stephanie, Matt, Konor, etc. They were all very pleasant.

It was nice to get to meet some of your friends/family. I'm glad they let me hang out.



ROFL, you're still logged in on my laptop! ROFL!


Dude. Uh. Not my fault. You shoulda checked the lappy first. :p

That is the creepiest thing I've ever seen. You've become me!!! *hides from the scary John/Jen clone* NARF! *eyes radio* WTF do I always hear this song when we're both online?! *yells* LEONARD BERNSTEIN

*dumps a bucket of Clone Repellent on self* mmmm smells like bacon :p