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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Asia and I were right. 2006 is turning out really well so far. Strange to think that the past week has had such a dramatic affect on me. The broody "Everyone needs to die" Jen has been replaced with a very uncharacteristic "poppyness", a smile is never far from my face and things just seem a lot brighter. Shinier. Butterfly tummy and a blush that matches my hair are becoming my favourite accessories. It so weird saying that considering how wattshhumphrey adores that reaction from me and I get all stupid and "Don't look at me I'm girlie", but I guess what makes it great is the way he and I are just so drawn to each other. Tua has also been incredibly bipolar around me. He did let me pet him briefly before nipping at my hand and hissing. It seems he's not quite sure what to make of me, he'll sniff at me and investigate me before hissing at me and running to daddy. Silly kitty. Dinner last night was incredibly fun. lifeofwik , atheny, John and myself went to the Charcoal Grill in Grafton where a lot of fun was had. There was Eddie Izzard quoting which made me extremely happy, because it's always great to find some sort of common interest with people you're just meeting.  Dinner was filled with reminiscing and all four of us being smartasses.I must admit it was super cute when John got all growly while I nicked some of his bleu cheese  for my celery stick. Dork. :D Good fun and good food, how much better could the night have gotten? We briefly contemplated bowling, but instead went back to John's and watched Serenity. I fell asleep about halfway through it, but I did enjoy watching it while I was awake. Joss Whedon rules. Neither one of us are sure when we'll be able to get together next, as he's got a lot going on this week, but until then there's always AIM. :D musicmanken goes back to Whitewater today, and it totally sucks that I didn't get to see him before he leaves. I definitely adore Ken, and I'm going to miss him until he comes back for Spring Break. This morning's bout of dizzyness left me horribly nauseous so I settled into my chair with a blanket and cuddled a mug of nummy chicken broth. I briefly talked to Asia before she went on her run, so I did get to have a little bit of gushing girlie time with her. I also got caught up on Something Positive and Scandal Sheet. This afternoon I'm going to Border's to pick up the copy of the Underworld soundtrack I ordered. Yay! I Think I'm once again going to try and get my mood icons right *stabs AOL*

Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: Goo Goo Dolls-Here Is Gone

Last night was a ton of fun. I feel bad you missed work, and fell asleep with exhaustion, but it was great ;)

Don't feel bad, I had an amazing time. It was worth it. Trust me.

Yarg, my sister managed to crash the computer right in the middle of everything.

Blah. *shakes fist at Damien's sister*


I just watched Phantom of the Opera and am feeling all romantic and warm... And then I read your LJ, Jenhen and get all smiley for you. It's sweet sis, I'm glad to see ya happy! To see either of us happy, wow. This year is definitely delivering and fast. I am feeling grumpy because I haven't had my fix for the day. I'm attempting to let Brian's wang heal... and suffering the consequences. But that's another story for another day and time. And tell John I'm watching him... lol He better keep treating my sis well, or he'll answer to moi!

Re: Gushy...

Lol. Phantom=nummy. I know exactly what you mean, I was standing on 27th street, and I could see the bus on 33rd I was screaming for it to hurry the fuck up. "Come on bus! I have to be there soon!". Lol, I'll definitely tell John he has to answer to you, but I'm afraid you're not the only one. I just can't believe this Asia, it's like the greatest dream I've ever had, and I'm terrified of waking up. Give Brian a couple of days, he should be fine. You and I need to talk, and soon. :D I love you sis.