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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

YAY!!!! Jen now has piccies of Ren and Damien :D
*stabs the fucktard outside whose playing with a chainsaw* May he burn in the firey pit of hell where Celine Dion and Michael Bolton are on stage all the time. *stabs the people at John's work that are keeping him entirely too busy and making him all snarly*

Current Mood: irritatedannoyed & happy
Current Music: James Blunt-You're Beautiful

Yeah! Now that's a good gf, stabbing mine enemies.

Well you're a good boyfriend, giving me backrubs.


But I like Celine Dion and Micheal Bolton. Ha. Love ya sis.

Re: But...

Then that's one of the few things about my sistard that suck :p You know I love you Asia

Re: But...


Re: But...

ROFL!!!!! Do you have raisin toast on 22s?

Re: But...

Brian never complains when I suck. =x Oh my. I need to stop... I just need to stop. lol I love you too sis.

Re: But...

ROFLMFAO. Tard. I love you too