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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Today I found out that Mel Gibson single handedly won the Revolutionary War, with a Cherokee tomahawk and a knife. If it weren't for Mel Gibson, horses would not have been stabbed with American flags, Scotland would still be under English tyrany, and Christ would still be alive, assless chaps would not have been introduced to Australia, and Leathal Weapon would prolly have sucked. John and I watched The Patriot today, and we have concluded that much like the Force, Mel Gibson can do anything. He is the Yoda of the action genre, except Yoda is much much cooler.
John also let me borrow Serenity with the hopes that I will not fall asleep during it for a third time. I have been insanely happy lately, and right now there's nothing better than being with him. :D
The random person from Cincinatti called again and didn't leave a message and that is confusing me greatly. I don't know anyone in Cincinatti. Konnor had to get stitches yesterday, which led to Jen freaking the fuck out. He's fine though, it just really spooked me.
I also have laundry to do and a weeks worth of Dawson's Creek to watch, so I should prolly get crackin on that.

Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: none-just got off the phone with John

Feh, Chuck Norris could beat Mel Gibson with an OD of valium and both arms and legs cut off...

...then again, Chuck Norris could beat anyone with an OD of valium and both arms and legs cut off.

But Chuck Norris didn't win the Revolutionary war. Did you know that when the boogeyman goes to bed he checks his closet for Chuck Norris?

Feh, the revolutionary war is nothing...

God created the world in seven days, but he asked Chuck Norris for permission beforehand.

ROFL! And Chuck Norris made Jonathan Brandis suck his cock before shooting for Sidekicks began.

Welcome to the cult of Mel. ;)