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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"She comes in colours everywhere"-The Rolling Stones

A year ago today I was screaming on the floor of Kim's apartment. Now those tears have dried for good. This weekend passed quite quickly even though I was dreading it, and I did not get completely wasted like I thought I would.
Friday night John and I went over to Will and Taryn's for a party, but the heavy snowfall delayed everyone else's arrival. The four of us still had fun, we played cards,a little bit of Mario Golf, and again we were horrific smartasses :D I had a blast and was not in any mood to work after the fun I'd had that night. Friday Ihop was deader than a doornail *cry*
Saturday we saw Underworld Evolution, which I enjoyed more than the first. Still I bitched about the vampire werewolf hybrid thing, but all in all it was ok. John made a really great White Wolf reference which had me cracking up, especially since he's heard how Mike, Madi, Jay and I spent two hours bitching about how the first one blatantly ripped off White Wolf.
Ren and Damien were in town visiting with Jay this past weekend, and it really upset me that he couldn't even call to say "Hey I know you want to see Ren and Damien, come over" or something like that. *sigh*
Last night, Madi read my cards, and it was a very good reading. We also watched Serenity, which they loved and I managed to not fall asleep during. Yay! Konnor has been asking for John, so we're prolly gonna go see them thursday or friday. We've got plans for me to make him a curry sometime this week. mmmmm Indian food *drool*
I'm going to lay my most prized possessions at the feet of Loreal Feria Power Reds Bright Ruby Rush. The colour is so bright and intense and gorgeous. It shines in the sun like a handful of rubies *drool* Yay for Madi colouring my hair! My hair colour is so damn nummy. NUMMY I say. Ok really I'm done gushing about my colour.

Current Mood: ditzyditzy
Current Music: Kelly Clarkson-Because of You (damn you radio)

I was wondering how the party went! I'm glad your weekend turned out wonderful! Mine did too. I'll attempt to remember everything that went on. OH! And the wang's injured again. Sigh... the poor guy's going to be permanently scarred. -tries desperately not to burst out in laughter and fails miserably- LMAO Love you sis.

Re: Yay!

LMFAO! Damn woman leave that poor guy's wang alone. You can't be so rough with it. I had a blast this weekend, and I'm glad you did too. I love you.