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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Yesterday John picked me up after work and we headed to the grocery store for curry. *drool* Before we went to the grocery store we checked out the Indian grocer on North Ave by Mayfair, I immediately fell in love with that place until the smell of Nag Champa made my headache a thousand times worse. My original idea was to pick up all the stuff I needed there (jar of sauce, poppadoms, naan bread) and then just get the chicken at Pick & Save. They had various jars of curry paste, so I bought Tandoori Naan. At Pick & Save I started getting pissy because it appeared they didn't have my very favourite Patak's sauces, it took a second trip through the aisle to see it, and that made me feel oh so retarded. When I saw the Patak's sauces they only had the Dopiaza. I was hoping for a Tikka Masala or Rogan Josh, but Dopiaza's very good too. :D I also picked up a bottle of wine because I thought it would be a nice thing to have with dinner.
While I was cooking, John filled me in on his Exalted game, and I was very impressed. I'm sure Mike would love how he's got it setup. We talked during dinner about his Exalted game and his favourite characters from video games and his favourite shows tend to be cocky assholes, which I found very amusing as he is not a cocky asshole. John thoroughly enjoyed the curry, which pleased me to no end.
After dinner last night I had a freakout moment in front of him and it has cast an awkward shadow on me even in the morning sunlight. I felt awkward and insecure while he was taking me home, and I've only now begun to shake it. Stupid Jen. *runs back to IM and pesters John*

Current Mood: coldcold
Current Music: Paul McCartney & Wings-Silly Love Songs

I didn't see chips mentioned anywhere in this entry! I can't believe it. Right when I think I might like this guy... lol I'm kidding of course, but not about the chips!!! Sigh, we must catch up. Brian is gorgeous sis. Simply hilarious, fun, and wonderful.. I don't even know where to begin to talk about him in my D-land diary... I think I'd shock myself if I re-read it. I need to gush with you for heaven's sake! I'm telling you he made me say "F-U-C-K" tonight. Oh my. lol His wang's doing well, in case you were wondering. -nods- Top notch in fact... mmmmmm.

~Drifts away while thinking about the actions of the night... oh btw, this is your sis!

Re: Ack!

ROFL! He's not buying chips any time soon. You and Brian are simply awful and outrageous and scandalous. I am so proud to have you as my sis. :D I'll need to talk to you again soon. *grin* I love you