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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Ihop must die. Die, I tell you. Yesterday morning Dee and I were suspended for two weeks. The lack of money that this will cause is somewhat troublesome as it will put a damper on my Valentine's gifties for John, however NOT smelling like pancakes and dealing a ton of Ihop drama thrills me. The story goes like this: last week sunday Mohammed supposedly got a letter about how Dee, Teesha and I were hanging all over Joe and supposedly "bumping and grinding" with him on the floor. Can anyone say bullshit? Last week Saturday Mohammed said nothing about this to Dee and then Sunday morning he pulls her into the office saying he's heard about this and that he doesn't care what the three of us do in our personal time, just keep it out of Ihop. By the time I heard about this rumours were flying about Joe possibly getting fired. This hasn't happened, and all night this past friday we were joking about how we couldnt touch each other. On our way to Starbucks saturday morning Mohammed rolled up on me and Dee like he was the cops and was again lecturing us about how we need to keep this out of Ihop and how he wants to run a perfect restaurant. Fuck that. If he wants to run a perfect restaurant he needs to get better management and stop fucking waitresses in the office. We insisted that what he heard was bullshit, and he again told us to keep it out of Ihop. Joe Dee and I were standing at the bus stop when Teesha came up to wait for the bus and she told us we'd been suspended. Dee and I were getting written up for not finishing our buckets of silverware. Again, I say fuck that. First shift always rolls out without doing their buckets, cleaning the kitchen and sidework. We're getting punished for complete and utter bullshit. Tards.

The past two weeks have been filled with: Ihop, John, Ihop, John, etc. Retarded Matt Hardy wants to hang out soon. He got me the Clerks X dvd. WOOT! Yay Best Buy gift cards. We've determined thats my birthday pressie, so he and his friends don't have to come to the game and put my name on the scoreboard. I'm also trying to convince him not to sing Happy Birthday to me while I'm working that game. They are throwing a tailgate for me though. Yay! Mario is upset with me because I haven't talked to him since his birthday, and I haven't seen him since the night I went to C'est La Vie with Jay. Crocostimpy and I have plans to hang out so he can get his dvds back on tuesday night. It's been a long time since I've seen him, and I've missed hanging out with him. Jay IMd me on yahoo out of the blue sometime last week, and while I'm glad he's ok I'm confused by why he chose to talk to me when it's been a month or more since I've heard from him. I've been talking to Ren a lot lately and that makes me super happy. Trent and I are also trying to solidify plans to get President of Berundi coffee. Nick has called to try and get together. See what happens when Jen drops off the face of the earth?

The past couple of days with John have been filled with watching Neon Genesis Evangellion. When it debuted on Adult Swim, I meant to watch it, but never got around to it. When John and I started watching it I fell in love with it. We're going to watch the movies soon too since we've finished the series. Last night we finished the series with Will and Taryn and ordered nummy pizza. The evil Tua monster seems almost ok with me, as he's curled up on my lap a few times and he's let me pet him before giving me the grumpy growly "you touch me one more time and I'll bite your face off" noises. John and I hung out with Mike, Konnor, Eric and Stephanie's husband Matt friday night. Again the sight of John and Konnor playing gave me the warm and fuzzies. They are so fucking cute together. I think that may be all I have to say for now.

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"So Fucking Cute" sounds really silly ;)

If there were photographic evidence to prove the cuteness you'd be quiet right about now, cos trust me it's fucking cute :p


The work nonsense reminded me why I don't ever want to work again. Thank you sis... for contributing to the unemployment rate. :p LoL... I'm dumb. Ignore me. -drifts off to bed thinking of chips-

Re: Work.

Don't worry, sis, I usually do ignore you :p I'm gonna call them this afternoon and tell them "I hear I'm suspended, I'll come in to sign the paperwork on wednesday." I bet they'll tell me to work anyway. Fucktards.

Re: Work.

HMPH. And you called me a "busy bitch" this morning, then say you ignore me. I don't even know why I continue to take this abuse... lol I love ya sis. Don't stress it, btw. Work drama is the norm... Oh and of course I have to discuss things with you later... ta ta. -huggles-

Re: Work.

You have been a busy bitch. I have STUFF to tell you, dammit. As it turns out, I'm not suspended. Stupid Ihop. I love you Asia. *huggle*