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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"Guillotines I can understand, but Vampires?"- John

I have spent nearly an hour on the phone with </a></b></a>moderngypsy  and even though she's in Texas, she's still a whore. :D Ironically I was telling </a></b></a>wattshumphrey  that I don't really talk to anyone from high school anymore, and she's called me this morning. We've been filling each other in on our lives and now she's insisting on meeting John when she comes back to Milwaukee. Whore. *grin* I love that girl though.

Last night John  </a></b></a>oboedan  and I briefly helped Vic and a few other people move stuff, I briefly saw </a></b></a>radlith  but he was quiet. We got extremely lost on the way to Vic's/ 13th and Layton. John, Dan and I were all sortsa blonde and retarded, but it was insanely fun. After the move-age, the three of us headed back to John's where </a></b></a>kreeblah  was again armed with pizza and lappy for their online game. The two of them played their game while </a></b></a>oboedan  and I made fun of each other, </a></b></a>wattshumphrey  and other screen names on Warcraft 3. Much laughter was had, and Street Fighter is an awful awful movie. Mel Gibson could kick Jean Claude Van Damme's ass any day. It was awesome to see the Smug Motherfucker himself again, I have missed the Ihop bitter sarcasm-ness.

I honestly haven't had a bad time with John or any of his friends, the friends of his that I have met or already knew (like </a></b></a>oboedan   and </a></b></a>radlith ) have all been extremely cool.  I am definitely having the time of my life, and 2006 is r0xx0ring my b0xx0rz.

Care Bear is coming over after work today and she's spending the night because she doesn't want to be alone on the eve of her court date. The divorce proceedings kick off tomorrow morning, and I really hope she can keep it together, especially if Gregg ends up being transported here from Kettle Moraine. Fuck Gregg with a sharp pointy stick.

Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Nickelback-Photograph (fuck you radio)

Hey babe...Good catching up...I'll let you know when I'm finally coming to visit...

And, ummm...excuse me, but I'm not just a whore...I'm THE whore...And your former teacher, so you better love me...

Keep riding the euphoric waves...2006 will be your year...

Whoo! Euphoria! Great word. Yes, yes I know you're THE whore. You're also slippin, find a boyfriend already! :P

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

You're welcome, it was nice meeting you.