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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"It's a beautiful piece of violence"-John

Why, Livejournal do you INSIST on making my posts disgustingly wide and annoying?!

As of 9:15 this morning, my sister is officially divorced. YAY!!!! Gregg neglected to contact the court this morning to participate in the proceedings. I'm assuming his apathy led the judge to his descision to grant Carrie the divorce immediately. After the hearing my mother and I went to breakfast, Carrie would have joined us but she had to go into Burger King right away. After breakfast my mother and I wandered around the mall before going to Borders. *twitch* I got the new Henry Rollins book, Mick Foley's new novel and a novel called The Last Templar. BOOKS *twitch* Yum.

Last night John and I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion and I was absolutely amazed by it. It was easily the most beautifully confusing heartbreaking movie I have ever seen. I definitely loved the series more, but the movie......*sigh* wonderful. We had dinner at BW3's and I rambled about very retarded things because all of a sudden I had become incredibly nervous, awkward and insecure. I'm dumb.

Crocostimpy Superbleeder had to cancel our plans to hang out. He's come down with bronchitis, he was in the hospital and has gone home from work all sicky. Poor thing.

As it turns out I am not suspended from Ihop. I'm not sure if I should be happy or disappointed by that. The circumstances surrounding my supposed suspension are indeed retarded, but I was looking forward to not smelling like pancakes. On the other hand, Jen can definitely plan her gifties for John :D

Note to self: Call Asia....

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: None, I'm watching Raw

It's good when things come to an end when they need to!

And honestly, my favorite part of this entry was the "note to self". HA.

Adore you sis!!

Re: Yay!!

That would be your favourite part. So self centred. :D Now that I think about it, I'm kinda looking forward to work this week. Maybe it's only cos that will give me something to do when John's busy the next three days.

Re: Yay!!

Sorry I dissapeared earlier, well yesterday to be technical... I fell asleep in the bathtub. :\

Letting you know this... just because.


Re: Yay!!

I told you you're self centred :p I love you sis.

I never got why they called it BW3's, when it's Buffalo Wild Wings. So shouldn't it be BW2?

You like smelling like syrup, how else do you make your tips? Dirty girl. :)

Lol! I just thought of that yesterday. Smelling like syrup sucks, and I get my tips by being the most wonderful outrageous Jen in the history of the world ever.

Good for your sissy, she seems like she diserves better.

*hands you a book to see you twitch*

She does deserve better. Lol, I finished Scooter on my way home tonight, and I loved it. I'm going to start reading Henry's Rommanitarian within the next day or two. *twitch*
*collapses on John's floor in a fit of bibliophile joy*


Handing out books in public!! Where is this world coming to? What will happen next? For all that's good on this planet. CONTROL YOURSELVES. Do you really want to influence young minds who happen upon your LJ to.. to... "become literate" Hmm? :\

I haven't talked to you in DAYS. HMPH. For goodness sakes I want to know what happened with your job. (Oh and I want to gush about me) We better talk soon. Jenhen, I love you oodles poodle.


Re: Gasp!

For the love of God, Taiwan. I'm talking about real books. *dreamy sigh* Get your mind out of the gutter, would you? Don't go bitching about me not being around, forgive me if I'm falling into a consuming fire that is my new relationship. Besides, you've been scarce too, do you remember how to pick up a phone? *grins at you* I love you too, Bangladesh.

Re: Gasp!

I've considered forgiving you for being devoured by the flames of this passionate romance you're referring to... but then I decided... NAH.

And as for the phone, I was waiting for you to put your "note to self" into action. Did I recieve a phone call? Hmm? HMM? I thought not.

Someone save me from my dorkdome, please. This is a cry for help.

~Your sis

Re: Gasp!

Then fine you obviously don't love me. *looks at you* *looks at phone* *stutters* I uh, that is, you uh.... shut up. You haven't called me either, nor have you been online when I have. I love you, Sri Lanka.

Re: Gasp!

Oh pish posh. You know I love you, Jen-cakes. And I can tell by your shifty eyes that you know I'm right. I have not been on-line when you have because Brian exhausts me at night... and I haven't called because.. um, the phone is... um, hmm...not being um uh, now you shut up. LOL

Re: Gasp!

Yeah yeah. *gets all thugged out* Now what, Kashmir? *grin* I love you sistard :p