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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"This clock never seemed so alive"-Lifehouse

The week at Ihop has been frustrating since there have been too many people on the floor, and Leticia's managing skills are in desperate need of improvement. My time at Ihop has been boring to say the least.

Since Crocostimpy Superbleeder was sick on tuesday, we canceled our hanging out/picking up ICP dvds, and I went to dinner with Retarded Matt Hardy and got my Clerks X dvd *DROOL*. Retarded Matt Hardy and I had a good time talking about nearly everything but mostly our love of Keving Smith and Bruce Campbell. He says he's going to let me borrow Bubba Hotep since I haven't seen it. Crocostimpy called a couple of times during dinner, and he had me in stitches after his rant about how he thinks NIN sucks now. John called after his mom left, wondering what I wanted to tell him earlier. Retarded Matt Hardy was kind enough to drop me off at John's where he and I hung out while he was playing/bitching at Suikoden III.

Wednesday was boring Ihop day, but the day was made better by talking to John while he was on his way home and I was on my way to Ihop. When I came home on wednesday night, I called John, but his silly self left the phone in the car and when he called back I missed his call since my cell phone was on vibrate and in a different room. I spent a good three or four hours exploring the Clerks X dvd and was thrilled with its trivia track and documentary on how Clerks came to be.

Thursday morning, I didn't wake up when my alarm went off, so I hopped online sent John a quick IM saying that I was going to my grandfather's and if I had time before work I'd hop back online and talk for a bit. I had a good time seeing my grandfather. Luckily the cuntrag had some running around to deal with, so we didn't see her although we did hear her saying some shit about us but we couldn't make out exactly what it was. My sister and I exchanged brief glares while she was talking to my grandfather. I seemed to shock my grandfather when I told him that I would kill for my family. My sister agreed with me on that, and on our way out we told Grandpa to take care of himself, he responded with "Helene takes good care of me". Care Bear and I quickly looked away and gave each other identical expressions of intense dislike. When I got home from Grandpa's I changed into my Ihop gear and talked to John while getting ready for work. It felt really kind of odd to be talking to my boyfriend as he was shopping for my Valentine's gifties. In my entire seven or eight year dating histor this will only be the second time I've spent Valentine's with someone. It feels......unreal. John picked me up later that night, and he let me goof around on the lappy while he played more of Suikoden III.

Friday was the traditonal breakfast/lunch at El Greco's where we talked over food and coffee. Fridasy afternoon we watched some Buffy and then went to Vic's for her party. I had a good time chilling there and had a couple of drinks before the crowd size got to me. John came outside with me since I needed to get some air, and when we went back in the ammount of people had grown. I started mildly freaking out, and he looked at me, saw me starting to panic and imediately got me out of there. We had some time before I needed to be in at Ihop so we chilled over chai at Starbucks. When I went in the bathroom to change into my uniform, I was horrified that I had forgotten to bring my black pants. I ran up to tell Leticia, when she demanded that I call John and see if he could either bring me a pair or run me home so I could get them. He was nearly home when I called him to explain the situation, and being me I didn't think he'd turn around and come back for me. I was wrong. He came back to Ihop and ran me back home where I rushed in and changed into my pants. He dropped me off for a second time and went back home even later than he thought he'd be to hang out with Will, Taryn, and their friend Heather. Ihop was so boring friday night without Dee *cry*

Saturday afternoon, John and I went for Chinese with Mike and Madi, and Mike being his obnoxiously embarrassing big brother self asked John if I were a princess, queen or goddess. John responded with "Goddess" which brought fire to my face. After food, the four of us wandered into Walgreen's where I bought a disposable camera to take pictures of both Konnor and John and Konnor to prove to him how fucking cute they are together. Photographic evidence will soon be at hand. I used all the film within half an hour or forty-five minutes. I went nuts with that damn camera since I don't have any pics of Konnor. The four of us watched A Knight's Tale and talked before I had to go to work. That night at Ihop was a lot of fun actually. Dee and I were the disasterous duo once again, except now we've started calling ourselves The Bash Brothers (whooooo Mighty Ducks. I actually had some really great customers, including a visit from Retarded Matt Hardy where I got a $10 tip. I love it when that guy comes in. I made enough money this weekend to go with my paycheck today to get John's gifts tomorrow. We're also going to an Admiral's game next sunday with Mike and Madi. Fun! Ok now I'm done, and I'm going to edit a post and attempt to make my posts look normal again.

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Its called a paragraph dear, learn to use it :-P

No it's called a Ken shut the fuck up! :D