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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

My power went out at around 9:30 this morning. I hate it when the power goes out, it proves just how horribly dependent on electricity I am. I was also reading my friends page when it went out which is just a tad annoying. I was planning on spending the day in IM with wattshumphrey  and talking to him during his non-busy times as usual. But no, some fuckfaced construction crew had different plans. My only link to the outside world was my cell phone *cry* I texted both John and Crocostimpy saying my power was out. Crocostimpy responded with "Haha. Loser." John was much more retarded by responding with "Why are you so incredibly cute?" *blush* Yes, kids, that text brought a quicksilver flash through my tummy and crimson to my face. I can almost hear Malaysia now saying "Awwwwwww sis!!!!!"

Yesterday after IMing with John off and on all day we made plans to see each other after I got off of work, so around 3:30 I head to the Ihop only to find that Leticia hadn't put me on the board which meant I wasn't on the floor. To add to that annoyance there were ten people scheduled. TEN on a MONDAY. Wtf?! To quote the almighty Lion King "I'm surrounded by idiots" Leticia said I could go home, so I called John to say "Hey guess what I'm not working." John and oboedan  were at Landmark, and I headed up there to meet them.  After much debate on what to get/make for food, Dan got ice cream, John got some skillet thingies and I made another dopiaza. I got enough to make curry for the three of us, but Dan was good with his ice cream, so now John and I have curry stuff for another day. The three of us sat around and chilled, while oboedan  and I made fun of each other like we've always done. On my way to Landmark, I spotted bloodangel  on his way into Borders. I would have liked to have said "Hey!", but by the time I actually knew it was him he was already in the building, and quite honestly I'm not sure if he would have recognised me. People always mistake me for someone else they know. Either it's true that all white people look alike or I just look like a lot of people.

I'm going to go to Wal Mart when John gets off work to shop for his gifties. I'd rather shop at Borders, but I lack the ammount of fundage to get everything I'd originally planned to. I blame my dad for that, with his "buy minutes for my phone". Gah. My father did say he'd buy me a new phone when he got his taxes back, but I just don't believe him. I still intend to get my phone when my taxes come back, but if my dad makes good on his word I'll get about $130 from him anyway. I wonder if a pig will really fly. *runs back to IM and flirts with wattshumphrey *

Current Mood: flirtyflirty
Current Music: Neil Diamond-Cherry, Cherry

Yes, that was me. I still haven't found that stupid book I'm looking for, either.

Well uh, HI!. Stupid Borders not having the book you want, how dare they not have a book in a BOOKSTORE :D


-steps right into her role without pause- Awwwwwww, sis. He made you blush crimson. That scallywag. But I believe you deserved it, since you distract ol' Johnny from his work daily. Honestly sis, must you entice him so? What am I talking about?... We goddesses can't help it. We allure the male species with a bat of an eyelash. Sigh. It's hard to be gorgeous. I forgive you.

I hate when the power's out too. I feel like I'm trapped. It's absolutely pathetic how dependent our society is on electricity... that makes me pathetic, but we won't dwell on the downside today.

~Malaysia (LOVE THIS NAME)

P.S. What's all this darn talk about curry, dammit? WHERE ARE THE CHIPS?!

Re: Aww..

Um. First- Curry rocks way harder than chips. Second, I uh don't distract John at all *whistles* He's plenty capable of working and talking to me at the same time. Third-Anytime he looks at me I blush crimson and squirm with butterfly tummy. Yes, thank you for the obligatory "awwwww", just wait til I get these pix scanned. *grin* Yes, Tibet you are a Goddess, me on the other hand not so much. I love you, sis :D

Re: Aww..

PSHHH... I want none of this "I'm not a goddess" talk. It's absolutely wreckless and ridiculous to insult all the world's intelligence. We know your a femme fatale, a goddess, sexy vamp... SIGH. Take your pick. It's really rude of you to deny this when it's so blatantly apparent.

I can't wait to see the pics! To see Konner and his Bubba. LOL That will be priceless. I love you too. You know this.

Re: Aww..

How about semi-attractive bottled redhead? It's not rude to deny the truth, my mirror points and laughs at me. You will see the pix of Konnor and John as soon as I get them scanned. Trust me, they are priceless. I've looked at them a lot already and I still squeal at the cuteness.

Re: Aww..

PTHH!!!!!!!! Is what I say to the first part, simply PTHH. I refuse. No sis of mine is anything less than a goddess. And YAY! To the picture part.

I'm so less than eloquent at 5:58 AM, forgive me. lol

Re: Aww..

And I say PFFFFTTTT to you too. *grin* I can hear you "awwwwwwing" now and you havent even seen the pix yet :D

Re: Aww..

-wipes the spit out of her eye- Thank you, sis.

Re: Aww..

ROFL yw *hands you a hanky*


HMPH! I don't know... I just wanted to be obnoxious. Love ya sis.

Re: ....

Heh. Leave being obnoxious to the professionals. I'll update in a day or two. I love you too, dork.