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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"You've collared yourself a Jenhen"-direct quote from me to John

Well, yesterday was Valentine's, I'll get to that later. 

Last week tuesday, I hung out with Crocostimpy. He was delighted in showing off the Pimpmobile/Juggalomobile, and I was insanely amused at how much he adores his car with all its newfangledness. We talked about all the various things that have happened to us since the last time we saw each other, and while he was smoking I got to talk about John. Crocostimpy seemed to be genuinely happy for me. I was thrilled to see him. Before he dropped me off we went to Best Buy so he could pick up Waiting on dvd, and he goofed around on the store's PS2 demo version of Guitar Hero.  I must admit I would have been more entertained had he been playing a real guitar. Still, seeing him was definitely a highlight in an otherwise boring week. 

I didn't see John too much last week. He was insanely busy with work, Exalted, Birthright and his friend Mike's visit.  Friday John, Mike, and myself went to dinner with Vic and two of her friends. That was a lot of fun. John dropped me off at work, and went back to hang out with Vic and her crew. They rented a Japanese horror movie, which Mike hated and John fell asleep during.  Saturday late afternoon/evening the three of us went to Pizza Shuttle, where food and humour played a big part in our evening. After food, we went to the Starbucks near Ihop. We played cards and talked, while I became addicted to Tazo's Giant Peach flavoured iced tea. *drool* 

Friday night at Ihop, Dee and I split smoking. That was rather uneventful, but holy fuck was saturday B-R-UTAL. I had smoking all to myself, and took two of Jeff's tables, one of them being Retarded Matt Hardy and his roomate. Unfortunately I didn't get to talk with them since I got slammed. I made close to $130 that night, and by the time I got home on Sunday morning I was exhausted and in so much pain. Working in my boots that have a two inch heel and are just a tad too small was not fun, but since I'd forgotten my regular shoes I had no choice. 

Sunday was the hockey game, and I had a blast. There were a couple of small fights and one of the players for Chicago kept losing his helmet. A player on each team was ejected, the Admiral was ejected for clipping. It was a vicious hit. :D The four of us went to dinner at Denny's, where Mike and Madi proceeded to embarrass the fuck out of me. 

Monday I bought a new cell phone, and while John was doing dishes, I called Asia and put her on speakerphone. I'm looking forward to the next time I talk to her so she can tell me how much fun that phone call was. I tried calling her this morning, but ended up leaving a message on her machine.

Valentine's day was simple, quiet, relaxing, and super peaceful. John got me a very cute tiger, a terribly appropriate card, and quite possibly the funniest gift I'd ever gotten. Avril Levigne's first cd. I HATE Avril Levigne, but we have this injoke about me being complicated, I deny it, he insists I am, so we argue about me being complicated in a very silly way. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard when I opened that. In lieu of a ribbon or bow, he bought a red cat collar with a bell and strapped the tiger to the cd. It was adorable, and the collar is now my newest bracelet. I jingle! We went to breakfast tuesday morning, then we went to his mom's to take care of her pets and lounge in the hot tub. mmmm relaxing hot tub. We watched a few episodes of Angel before picking up booze and going back to his place. While he planned for his final Exalted game, I cooked dinner, and had a couple of very nummy screwdrivers made with even nummier raspberry flavoured vodka. All in all, it was the best Valentine's Day I'd ever had.

Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: James Blunt-Tear and Rain