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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Random Tuesday Ihop rant.....

It seems that now I'm suspended for real. For really real. I went in yesterday, and looked at the schedule. Off all week. Leticia says I need to talk to Mohammed, and I'm figuring it's because I got angry with Leticia on Saturday night. Dude. She's a bad manager, and I get punished? Whatthefuckever. I'm gonna go down sometime this week and get this shit straightened out. I plan on keeping the gig at Ihop until baseball season starts and then I'm gonna quit. I can't deal with all the fuckin drama. Way too many bitches workin there. Two more months....

Current Mood: bitchybitchy
Current Music: Tenacious D-Explosivo

Ew. Suspension sucks, and Leticia sucks, and not at all in a pleasurable way. I'm feeling delightfully bloaty. Isn't that lovely? Thought I'd share that with you. Hang in there, Parsnip. Soon you'll be quittin! Though I really wanted you to one day serve me pancakes...

Ah well.

Has John bought chips yet, for heaven's sake?

~North Korea

Re: Pancakes

*hands you a box of Aunt Jemima mix* There's yer fuckin pancakes. :D Of course she sucks, everyone who isn't Siri, me or Dee in that joint sucks. You're bloaty? Yuck. Still it's not as bad as laying in front of your boyfriend practically in tears cos your body's trying to kill you from the inside out. No, Mongolia, John hasn't bought chips yet. He may need more eggs, though :p Course, when he does buy them, I'm cooking them. *grin* I love you, Laos.