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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Sunday morning I went from Ihop to my sister's to help her move. Around 7:30, I called wattshumphrey just to talk for a few minutes before Care Bear and I got started. My mother had volunteered him to add muscle to the move, but I insisted that he didn't have to come help, and I didn't think he would have. Stubborn German sister took my phone away from me and again told him he didn't have to, but still he said "What kind of coffee do you want?"  I spent a good hour bitching about my mother and how John didn't need to do this, my sister and I were both grateful for his help, but still...

When he got there, we went through a couple of boxes, Care Bear finished packing up the bedroom and I the kitchen. My mother arrived with the cargo van, and the ball busting began. Care Bear and John brought the boxes down and I loaded the van. As we were finishing up the first load, my mother had made some comment to John about how I loaded the van, and that just pissed me off.  At that point I had been up a few hours shy of 24, and had come from work to bust my ass for my sister. Can you say Jen was pissed? I'd lost my temper a bit, and John was trying to calm me down while I bitched about the drill seargent. I knew she would have said something. By the time we had the first load finished, the only thing left was the furniture. After taking the first load to her new place, we went back for the furniture. Care Bear had asked a couple of "friends" for help as well. Glenn is a friend of both Carrie and Gregg, and the Ralph douchebag is a friend of Gregg's, they had gotten there as John and I were moving her chair. The only thing that was left was her TV and Ralph was bitching about how he'd been moving someone else for two days, and had lifted a refrigerator. I carried a fucking air conditoner by myself and he was bitching about a fridge. WTF? 

After Glenn and Ralph got the TV loaded, Care Bear, John, my mother, and I went to BK for food. We then dropped off the small ammount of Carrie's stuff that was in John's car and left the rest of them to finish. As a way of saying thanks to the both of us, my sister is cooking dinner for John and I tonight, so that should be pretty entertaining. We picked upkreeblah also came over, and the four of us dicussed a fourth Matrix and how horrible it would be.
I think that may be all for now, kids.

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Matrix: Resurrection all the way.

And on the third day...

But yeah, moving was fun. And bitching was too. OH MY ARMS!!! ;)

Yes, Matrix Ressurection forever. I'll camp out for tickets five minutes before they go on sale. Your arms don't hurt anymore, you big dork. :D