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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

So yeah........ um. I saw Spirit Creek again. Good as always. Days of the New kinda sucked so I left early. But I have more pressing things on my mind. I miss Matt as always.
So I have this friend, Ken, right? Well, turns out he like loved me n shit. Well, I told him that it couldn't happen cos I've got my soulmate already. And I think now we're still friends, so thats cool. I told him before that nothing would ever happen, and so did his friends and he didn't listen. So when I told him again, he got really upset, and I felt bad. And to some extent I still do cos it's not easy breaking someones heart. He wrote about it on his webpage, and reading it made me feel bad yet again, cos I didn't really know the extent of his feelings. So yeah thats kinda creepy. But I think I'll stop for now cos my mommys watching Coyote Ugly and I wanna go watch it with her.....