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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Mini Jen & Asia Theatre:
Jen: "One dumped girlfriend is another whore's dream"
Asia: "Come on, Jen you don't get paid"
Jen & Asia *helpless laughter*
Jen: "That was awesome, Asia"

Last night was a blast. Crocostimpy and I went to Fat Boy Roadhouse for karaoke. I got hammered. According to him, the bartender was trying to get me liquored up and was flirting with me. The liquored up part happened, but I was oblivious to her flirting. She was kinda cute, but she had a really weird face. The other bartender had the sort of face that said "I will fuck you up and leave you begging for more", she was hot.

Before meeting Matt around 7pm, I decided to go to Webb's for the pre-drinking sustenance. I got there around 6:20, I didn't get my order taken until 6:40, and didn't get my burger until 6:55. I was pissed. I had to demolish my burger, I left the money with a friend and ran out to meet Matt. The waitress didn't get a tip. There's no excuse for that kind of service, especially on a not-so-busy night. Whores. He called me while I was walking up to where he works, I was about two blocks away when he said he'd start walking towards me and we'd meet on the street. I took my glasses off cos it was raining and I didn't want to clean rain off my glasses. I was a block away and I see someone running toward me, it was Matt. YAY! We talked on the drive back to his place, and when we got there I had to cuddle Gir immediately. We smoked in the bathroom had a few laughs, and he played a few songs on Guitar Hero. I will admit it's fun to watch someone play that game, but a real guitar is so much better. Last night fuckin rocked :D

Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: ACDC-You Shook Me

I thought you'd be used to crappy service... :P

LOL! Fuck off you