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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

First I'd like to say that whoever owned Smile, You're Travelling by Henry Rollins before me SUCKS. At random points in the book I've come across bright yellow highlighter ink. Damn it all to bloody pus spewing hell. WTF randomly highlights passages in a Rollins book and then sells it to Half Price Books?!

John and I have watched all of LOTR. He spent about a month trying to convice me to watch it. I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Aragorn is the MAN. :D I still hate Orlando Bloom, even though Legolas was a cool character. I also quite liked Gollum, I though he was an amazing character. I might attempt to read the books. I started reading Fellowship before the movies came out, and it put me to sleep.

We're also watching Angel, and we're due to start the thrid season. I've become enamored with Lindey McDonald (played by Christian Kane), and I'm so upset that he left at the end of the second season. Apparently, he comes back towards the end of the series. There was an episode with him singing at the club Caritas, and I was hooked. After digging around on Google, I looked through Christian Kane's band's website, and I totally want their cds. His voice has an amazing bluesy Southern Rock quality to it. Yum. Fred is one of John's favourite characters, and she just annoyed the hell out of me. Hopefully she gets less annoying throughout the series.

Everything is set for me to start at Miller Park soon. I had technical training this past Saturday. The meeting was scheduled from 10am-1pm, but it took only an hour. I still haven't had a chance to get my new ID, the lady who was doing the ID pictures said I should come back 8 or 9 April for it. I really would like to get that done before Opening Day. I really am looking forward to the start of baseball season. I think I'm going to keep the gig at Ihop when the Brewers aren't in town. Financially, it's a good idea. A little bit of pocket money and an extra paycheck. Once I get this season's schedule I'm going to make a list of dates I can work at Ihop and give it to Leticia. I think that's about it for now.

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Current Music: Dane Cook-track 12 on Retaliation