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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
St Jameson's Day

Yesterday at like  4:30am wattshumphrey and I headed downtown to meet 1ndustria for the traditonal St Patrick's Day bar hop. She had the idea to go bar hopping from 6am Friday morning until 2:30 am Saturday.  We started at The Corner, where I'd gotten a fairly good buzz going. Jameson's and Coke.  Yum. wattshumphrey was stealing most of my drinks and had a couple of his own. After about two and half  hours, John, 1ndustria, Alex, Chris and myself  went to the Harp to partake in breakfast consisting of green eggs & ham and Lucky Charms. The crowd in that place was overwhelming and I could hardly breathe at some points.  The eggs were, to put it mildly, disgusting. It was like scrambled eggs , diced ham and green food colouring put into a jello mold. It was nowhere as cute as Dr Suess made it out to be.  After the disappointing eggs , we went  across the street to a deli and had sammiches. The four of us sat around talking and goofing around  and I took a picture of 1ndustria taking a picture of me .  After tha sammiches we went to a bar called  The Brothers. I had the most fun there. It was a big and spacious bar. There was room for more people, but the crowd there felt good. There was a very happy, mellow vibe there. I enjoyed it a lot. After a few drinks, we all went to Chipotle for another round of food. wattshumphrey and I were fairly tipsy/drunk so the walk there was immensely fun. I didn't want to walk uphill, so John and Alex were attempting to give me a piggyback ride. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my legs around both of them. So I ended up getting half a piggyback ride from John before sliding off his back and laughing.  After food and drunken giggling we went to McGillicuddy's. Hell. That place, was probably the most crowded at fratlike. It was there that I wondered why people did this.
 It's an excuse to get trashed. Every time I go to the bar, it's usually  an excuse to get hammered. I like going out and drinking, and I did have a lot of fun  yesterday, but the appeal of a pub crawl on a certain day is kind of lost on me. Maybe it's lost on me because of my mild crowd induced claustrophobia, but I'd rather go and get hammered on a normal day, than on one that's supposed to be special. Yesterday was fun though.
Before I forget , yesterday's quote of the day :
John: "Warm scarf on face. I look like a ninja."
Jen:  "If by "ninja" you mean "retard", then yes."

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