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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Just another manic Saturday.... wait......... thats not right....

Last night was....horrific. We actually had pretty cool customers at Ihop last night, but all the servers were out for blood. Last night, Dedra was supposed to train the new hostess. Sounds kind of simple right? Wrong. The new hostess was hired on Thursday, Dedra didn't know we had a new hostess until she came in Saturday night. So Dedra was told to train her replacement, the night she found out she was getting replaced. Fun. We were all pissed. Dedra was so angry she had tears and was talking about beating the shit out of Leticia. We all tried to talk to Leticia about how unfair this is. Leticia was insisting Dedra knew about this for a week. Bullshit.
First bad thing of the night: appearance of new hostess.

Second bad thing of the night the cooks had to remake an omelet five times. Yes, five times because the bitch who ordered it couldn't tell the difference between a Colorado Omelet and the Big Steak Omelet. Tai had to come back like every five minutes, which made the cooks pissed. The cooks being ashsholes to us made us more pissed.

Third bad thing: Sabrina was attempting to get to know the new girl by asking her where she'd worked before. The new girl had started giving Sabrina attitude, and she walked away. Sabrina was telling me and Syndal about it, when the new girl came back by us and started getting in Sabrina's face. Sabrina is about 5'0", maybe 115lbs, 30yrs old, and ghetto. I have partied with Sabrina. She's fucking crazy. I'm surprised that Leticia managed to calm nthe new girl down before punches were thrown. Sabrina was livid.

Fourth: We were runnin out of stock left and right. Every time someone put an order in it seemed another server was coming up to us saying "we're out of this.."

Fifth: Dedra and the new girl sat a party of eight. That party of eight was completely blocking Tai's section. Tai couldn't take tables during bar rush. Tai, like Dedra is solely dependant on the money she makes at Ihop. She was pissed. She also had tears running down her face. Tai was snapping left and right. Kathy and a few others ended up giving Tai their tables. Kathy had given Tai one of my tables while I was in back smoking a cigarette. I was completely cool with that.

So yeah that was Saturday in a nutshell. Ihop was more bipolar than me that night.

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You know, I don't mean to get off on a rant here, but FUCK Crying while you are at work. Like, Good LORD.... FOr the love of good, get the FUCK over your situation. I worked in the foodservice industry for a decade, and it still baffles me that people are reduced to tears because:
1) Someone was mean to them
2) Their section isn't gettting sat
3) Customers are assholes

Well, guess the fuck what?!?! THAT IS THE LIFE YOU CHOSE! What you see above are the three ULTIMATE FINALITES of the restaurant business. You WILL be given abuse, Your section WON'T get sat, and CUSTOMERS ARE ASSHOLES!

So calm the fuck down, dry your tears, and get your ass out on the door to find a new place to serve at. Why do you think turnaround at these places is so high? Becaus people don't know what they are getting into when they sign up to be a server. If you're not making money at one job, GO FIND ANOTHER. Don't whine and cry about your section not getting sat, or any other bullshit. MAKE the money, don't have it fucking handed to you. ANd I speak from YEARS and YEARS are a server, host, bartender, and Manager.

Fuck the crying, whining, and other bullshit.


And to those of you who think I am insensitve? Go fuck yourselves.


Re: Rant

*lsughs* No crying in baseball, huh? I'm not back at Miller Park yet. I'm probably the last person that would call you insensitive and mean it.

I quite agree with you, I've got a good chunk of waitressing experience under my belt as well, and I know you've gotta suck up and deal or get the fuck out of Dodge. People will be assholes no matter what job you're in. Fact of life. Honestly, Crocostimpy, you said it better than anyone I know. *huggles*

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Obnoxious drunks are fun, bitchy drunks not so much. Luckily I get all the obnoxious smartasses. I wonder why....