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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

First I'd like to say DIE NETFLIX DIE!!!!! 

On to more fun things. musicmanken is in town for spring break, and I don't have any free time to see him, and that makes me sad. I miss him so much when he goes to Whitewater. 
Ken:      KURT COBAIN Action Figure Coming In June - Mar. 26, 2006 
 Ken:  hmmmm
Ken:   I wonder if they'll have any post mortem ones....... 
 Ken:  "with realistic brain matter"
Ken:  "Cortney Love and shotgun sold seperately"
Jen:  ROFL!
Ken:  things that make you go
Ken:  *shudders* 
 Jen:  lol
Ken:  "I got kicked offf the HS debate team for saying 'YEAH WELL FUCK YOU'"
Ken:  "I thought I had won"
Jen:  lol id do that
Jen:  ron whit roxxorz
Jen:  white* 
Ken:  bleh I want to see you :-(
Ken:  i miss your laugh:-P
Jen:  i know i wanna see you too
Ken:  you hear me laugh when you call 
 Ken:  not the same 
Jen:  awwwwww *blush* 

Friday night, John and I went for dinner at 1ndustria's. tolookah makes really yummy cheesey enchiladas.  We played Apples to Apples with radlith retrogradeheart and Chris. We also randomly shot each other with Nerf darts. Apples to Apples is fun, and I need to get it sometime.  I had a lot of fun Friday.

Yesterday was the car show in Green Bay with Crocostimpy. We met up with a bunch of his buddies from his online Focus group. Watching him get all boyish over his car was definitely unexpected and very cute. The car show itself was kinda disappointing. I liked the classic cars the most. There was an insanely gorgeous 56 Chevy Bel Air that was just twitch worthy. We also went to Hooter for lunch, and that was fun. Crocostimpy and I did the true pothead thing and orded 50 wings. I managed to eat about a dozen of my 25 and brought the rest home to split with my mom. I bet he smoked when he got home and demolished his leftovers.  I had more fun just hangin out with him and his buddies than I did at the car show itself.

After coming home last night, I changed into my winter version of my comfy "I'm lazy and don't want to wear real clothes" gear and hung out with  John, Will and Taryn. That was fun, even though I was really out of it. Way to be up for nearly thirty-six hours Jen! :D Tua did something insanely retarded last night. John was grabbin a piece of pizza in the kitchen and I was asking him something. All of a sudden I get two claws in my butt. Tua had jumped up and stabbed me. It was hilarious.

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Kane-Sweet Carolina Rain

Well... I am certainly disappointed that you did not tel your loyal readers how insanely awesome my car is, and how it purrs and growls now when you stomp on the gas....

And HOW can you say you 'did the pothead thing' when you didn't even take one puff all day? POSEUR!

Leave the smoking to us real potheads.. *winks and laughs*

I had a blast though, and wouldn't trade our time together for anything in the world. You rock, but I rock harder.

P.S. The feedback on your outfit was very positive. :) hehe.


*laughs* I should have known you'd get upset that I didn't mention how sexy and rumbly the Pimpmobile is now. I beg you for forgiveness. :p

You know exactly why I wasn't smoking cos let's face it as tired as I was I'd been curled up in the backseat while Scott was installing stuff and I would have been stealing your high. I'd think you'd be happy about that, but nooooo you gotta call me a poser. Go away. :p

I also had a blast, and don't go doing that ego thing. Everyone knows you rock way harder than me, but in my own small way I rock too.

*laughs* My ego is purring right now, I wasn't aiming to impress your buddies though. *grin*


WE rock. By our Powers COmbined.... we form Captain Planet!


Hahahahah. Seriously though.... It was a blast, too bad the car show wasn't as groovy as I thought it would be. But the drive up and back was fun.. just sitting there, being retarded, and listening to good tunes!

AC/DC baby!

*laughs* Fuckin retard.

I thought the car show was ok, but being with you was by far the best part of the day. No matter where we go or what we do, we're always being retarded and listening to groovy music. I don't know what it is about being with you that makes me want to listen to stuff I normally don't like. *huggles*


Cause I'm awesome. Duh.


Yes. Yes you are.


Pthh... I'm more awesome.



Pfft. That's what you think.


And what's this nonsense about not being able to see Kenneth? Sis, I am most dissapointed in you. Most dissapointed. :\

*sigh* I know it sucks. Jen is lame.