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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"She remembers bridges, burns em to the ground"

I've been dreaming about beating the shit out of Jay. The locations and dialogue are always different, but the bloody mess I've turned him into is the only constant. Does that count as reoccuring? I don't know why I've been dreaming about this. Obviously there's a lot of anger on my side of the Jen/Jay bullshit drama, but I have absolutely no desire to see him no matter how angry he's made me. My subconcious is fucked up.

Baseball season starts in six days. YAY!!!!!!! As of six am this coming Sunday morning, I'm officially done with Ihop. I cannot wait. I was training yesterday. I had minions or monkeys. I haven't decided what to call them, but Jesse is cool as hell. I think I'll call them monkeys. :D

Current Mood: bitchybitchy
Current Music: Seven Mary Three-Cumbersome
"Hold on, dream away, you're my... sweet charade."

I had a strange dream myself. It wasn't about any of my exes though. Strangely enough it was about my ex-best friend's fiance. And we were cuddling in bed... and nuzzling into each others necks. I was this *motions with hands* close to have sex with him when my mom woke me up. :\

The weird part is that he and I don't even talk. We've maybe seen each other one time in person. It was entirely random. Heat-filled and enticing, I felt like a tramp after. And I think the dream was feeding into the feeling I had lately that no matter the expectation a guy has of me sexually, I won't say no, and I need to start, or I will end up being very dissapointed in myself later on. I have no idea why I'm sharing this with you, but I am. lol I think the dream also has to do with the fact that I haven't felt clean in my relationship with Brian. With Joe, all sexual activity felt good and pure. No matter how naughty we were. With Brian this hasn't been the case. Though Saturday night was pretty beautiful and clean. Pthh.

Anywho, back to you... by subconsciously kicking Jay's bum, that's pretty simple. You're injuring him because he injured you. The fact that it's recurring says something else though. And the fact that it's happening right now hints towards you not just being mad at Jay, but at men in particular right now, disturbed with your relationships in general. Jay just gets to be the punching bag, maybe because he's a safe target. You're allowed to be mad at him, but not really at the men in your life that you're currently really mad at, does that make sense? Or should I shove this up my arse? lol

Anyway... I hope things are peachy keen in your neck of the woods.

Love you Parsnip.

Re: "Hold on, dream away, you're my... sweet charade."

I love you Asia :D