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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
In which Jen *blinks*

I am on the phone with Jay. Weird. I'll explain later.

This weekend was.....interesting.

Dinner with Keith and Sue on Wednesday was surprisingly nice. We had a good time, and I've been readopted into the family. A sign of things to come? I also met Jay's roomate Tim. He and I talked for a good half hour or so. He reminded me a lot of Randy, it was kind of nice. Keith was kind enough to drop me off at Ken's Wednesday night. Ken and I played cards and watched TV. I love seeing him, it makes me happy.

Saturday was my last day at Ihop that was joyful. Fuck Ihop.

Sunday was Wrestlemania at Matt's. That was a blast, all of us were just yelling shit about the people we didn't like and booing the boring matches. I got a lil drunk and a lil high, and had a seriously good time. After Wrestlemania, Tim picked me up and we went to Node. After a good month or two with a hardcore jones for Node coffee my craving was satisfied. During the course of the evening he unveiled his diabolical plot to get me and Jay talking again. At this point he reminded me of Randy and the Puppet Master himself. I was originally having no part of it. Hissing and spitting with the "Jay must die" and the "fuck off and die, Tim." I had resolved to crash on the couch, and then the need for a cigarette kicked in. The problem was Jay was outside smoking as well. He wasn't out front on the stoop and I knew exactly where he was, by the garage. Tim and went back there, and the object of my violent rage was squatting on the ground shivering. We said "hi" and I was talking to Tim and then asked Jay to come over by me. He looked at me and suddenly burst into tears. My original intention was to say "How've you been? Good to see you're still alive." I was insanely shocked at him crying. I kneeled in front of him and said "Why are you stealing my thing? You know crying in the rain is my thing." He smiled weakly at my attempt to make a joke, and as I gathered him into my arms he apologised. The aoplogy I had spent months waiting for had finally come. I was suddenly furious, but for once I held my tongue and let him cry on my shoulder. After the both of us had gotten things off our chests we spent a good hour or two standing in the rain smoking and talking. I was very apprehensive while he was talking and then I saw he was still wearing the necklace, that's what finally broke my resolve and made me cry.
It was so surreal, it was like nothing between us had changed. Not in a "Jay's still an asshole I can't trust and must die kind of way", but it was almost like it had been when I came back from England. We finished off the night playing Inuyasha and watching Snatch. During Snatch we had fallen into a light sleep on the couch cuddled up together. It was very nice, but by the time I made my way back home on Monday morning I was full of questions and doubt. Was this just a fluke? I had told him to call me, completely expecting him not to, but he did call just a little while ago and we've made plans to get together. This has come out of left field, and I really don't know how to take this, but I think I'm going to see how the Jay/Jen drama will unfold. Very very slowly. I will not let him hurt me again.

Another thing from left field: earlier Sunday night Tim had asked me to go out with him. Like dating wise. He already has a girlfriend, but she wants to experiment with having her own girlfriend. Good for her. I guess the deal between them is if she had a girlfriend he can too. Again, good for them. However, I already have a boyfriend. I really have no desire to be polyamorous, but I don't have anything against it as long as the parties involved are in complete agreement and are safe. Monogamy and I have sometimes not mixed, but when I'm in a serious realtionship with someone knowing that there's only the two of us makes me happy in a domesticated kind of way. I'm sure John will find that last statement amusing.

Yesterday was Opening Day, and I was so busy that I had no time to pay attention to the game. I was getting pissed that some of my orders weren't being delivered. We had gotten behind on the beer orders, we now have taps instead of bottles which is going to cause a huge traffic jam, but every time I went back to the kitchen to get what I needed I had absolutely no problem. When the announced the starting lineup for the Brewers, bench coach Robin Yount got a pop that outdid Mick Foley's pops. Yesterday was just awesome. The Brewers won as well. John and I had post Opening Day dinner at BW3's which was yummy. I crashed out during Angel since I hadn't been sleeping much this past weekend, and now I feel so good and ready to go for tonight's game.

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The Cure suxxorz :-P *bashy*

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