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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Opening Week was pretty fun. I now have the next nine days off, I'm prolly going to be going batshit.  Club Level will be having bottled beer again starting next homestand. There's no clear reason for it, but I'm glad it's coming back.  On Saturday Alyce got caught drinking by Katie, she was immediately fired. I'm told the cops weren't brought in, since Alyce is only 18 I'm sure Sportservice would have been held responsible and slapped with a hefty fine. Alyce drinking beer on the clock along with customer/employee complaints would explain the bottles coming back.  

Saturday night wattshumphrey and I went out with 1ndustria, tolookah, atheny, and shinyhappydeath for atheny's 21st birthday.  We went to the Safe House, and I did get kind of drunk. John says I was "smashed" but he ain't seen nothin yet. I did invite 1ndustria and tolookah to come with us to Landmark for my birthday. Landmark on my birthday is becomming a tradition, I also invited Jay, but that may be kind of problematic since John wants to kick his face in. For some reason I think that's sweet.

I'm supposed to karaoke with Jay tomorrow night. Jay did come over on Thursday and we played cards and watched Clerks. It was fun, but at the same time kind of awkard. I think it's going to be awkward for while yet. 

I bought a book called Breaking the Patterns of Depression, and a new journal. What I want to do is get back in the habit of keeping a private journal, and use that journal as a tool to pinpoint the things that happen right before an episode. If I can recognise those points, then maybe I can do something about it. Here's hopin'.

Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
Current Music: none- I'm watching Family Guy

The party... is yours. Invite whomever you want and I won't make a scene. I might end up liking Jay for all i know. Though the idea right now makes me clench my fists and shudder.

And picking up the books is a good step. Don't get discouraged. If you keep trying you'll escape at some point.

I know you won't make a scene. I have faith in you, and as much as the party is mine, I don't want it to be awkward. I think you and Jay might actually get along, you share some of the same interests, but I know that what he did to me is going to make you think twice about coming in contact with him. In some twisted way, I do like knowing you want to defend my honour. I think it's sweet, and I can't really explain why.

I think the books and the journal are good because I don't like feeling like crap all the time. Escape would be fabulous.