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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Yesterday I was obscenely bored out of my skull, so after my shower I went to see the child of my heart. It's called the "Terrible twos" for a reason. Konnor was insanely cute and fun..until naptime. Mike and I attempted to put a clean pair of Pull Ups on him and get him down for a nap. Konnor had other plans. My little hellion was fighting us tooth and nail. Literally. While struggling with him to get his Pull Ups on, he clawed me pretty good. He even drew blood. Stupid two year olds.

John came over to Mike and Madi's to hang out with us for a while, and then it was off to the grocery store with us. John did all of his weekly shopping and picked up a bottle of vodka, and we got curry stuff. Last night's curry was very tasty. We started watching Princess Mononoke, which is quite entertaining so far, but I started getting really sleepy, so we had to stop. I'm sure we'll pick it up again soon.

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