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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Happy Birthday, Trent!!!!!

As predicted, I have been going batshit. Boredom is coming to me very quickly, and it's a lasting unshakeable boredom, causing me to stare blankly into space and calling people saying "I need to do something. Help!!!!"

Tuesday I went to Jay's to hang out with both him and his roomate Tim. I had a lot of fun. We played Inuyasha and Soul Caliber II. Keith was kind enough to pick up a bottle of Barcardi for me, with the promise of paying him back. My options for that are to either buy him a bottle of booze or just give him $14. I'm thinking that currently the $14 would be more helpful since he and Sue are the only ones working. Jay got drunk, I didn't. That kind of made me sad, since I wanted to get hammered. The joys of empathy caused us to balance each other out, and that sucked ass. Jay and I had a really good talk about all the things that were going on internally during the period we weren't talking. There was some drama on Wednesday. I asked Tim if he could take me home, since I needed to shower and change before seeing John later that afternoon. Tim suggested dropping Jay and I off at Keith's work, us grabbing Keith's car and then Jay taking me home. Tim and Jay kind of got into it a bit, and once we got clearence from Keith, we were going to stick with the original plan. Tim decided to be a stubborn jackass and push his truck to the limits to make the trip. After getting me home, I let Jay have a couple of bucks to get enough gas to get them home.   I left my charger at Jay's, so I need to go over there within the next couple of days to get it, or else I will truly be incommunicado (sp?).

Wednesday night, wattshumphrey, oboedan, kreeblah and I hung out  here at John's.  We went to Noodles & Co. for dinner, and then the boys played video games when we got back. John and oboedan were playing Diablo II , while kreeblah palyed Suikoden II.  oboedan let me play  Electro Plankton on his DS and I had a lot of fun with that game. I did end up falling asleep on John's couch while the boysn were  playing games. I've noticed I do that nearly all the time , especially when there are video games being played. Maybe I really should read the book I carry in my bag while I'm here. 

 In nine days  I turn twenty-three.  Most of my previous  birthdays have passed with barely a thought, but this one seems to fill me with a sort of apprehension.  The only good things  about turning  eighteen were being able to buy smokes legally and buying my plane ticket to England.  Twenty -one meant going to a bar. There was nothing spectacular about any birthdays before eighteen or after, and all I did for my twenty-second was get hammered.  The plans for my twenty-third are going to Landmark and getting hammered with friends. I'm also working at the ballpark on my birthday, and Matt Hardy Beta is throwing me a tailgate. Katie said I could prolly wear a "Happy Birthday" button, but not a silly little hat.  I don't understand it really, but here's to rolling with the punches.  </span></span>

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