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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
My Child.....

My Child...

I've tasted blood,
The sweet copper tang,
Like liquid silk gliding down my throat.
Come close, child
This won't hurt.

Let me taste your essence,
Sweet like chocolate,
Dark as night.
Flowing through your veins
From your heart to mine.

Come close, child
Look into my eyes,
Let me hypnotize.
As I slide my fingers
Down your thighs.

Come close, child
Let me pierce your skin,
Free you from yourself.
Let me take your life
And fulfill my own.

Come close, child
For your love has become your nightmare,
The drum of your heart fades.
As mine grows strong
And you become limp in my arms.

My child,
You are now dead,
But I, my child, will live on.
Fueled by your essence
And your warmth that is now mine.

I leave you now my child,
Your breast grows cold,
You lie forever.
While I walk away
To find my next victim

Current Mood: melancholymelancholy
Current Music: Spirit Creek- Half A Goodbye

You write well, my dear. If only I had the talent to express how and what I feel as you do....

Ty, it doesn't take talent to write about vampirism, look at Anne Rice ;p Glad you enjoy my work *kotc*