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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
In which Jen grooves on power ballads....

*glances over at IM* My boyfriend is a smartass.

Yesterday I realised that the only member of my family that I really like is my sister. My passive aggressive mother was just grating on my nerves, and I can't really explain why. I spent my Easter painting the kitchen and pantry with my mom and sister. I'm assuming the third coat is going up today, and they will be removing some of the paint I got on the woodwork. Painting was fun. They're on their way back from the hardware store now. My cold is still on the very mild side, which makes me think that by the time I go back to the ballpark on Thursday it will be a bitch.

Mike and I talked a little yesterday, Konnor's been asking for both me and John, so I'm thinkin we should go over sometime. We also need to finalise plans for Sunday. I'm thinking Landmark at 8.

My mother just gave me cow lights for my birthday. Cool shit.

I've become addicted to the new HBO series Big Love, it's wonderfully written and beautifully acted. I want to beat the holy hell out of the character Nicki, and I also want to blow up all Mormon polygamy cults. I had no idea that there were Mormons that still practice polygamy. Gross.

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