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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Morbid Soul....

Yes, this is another poem. Well, two poems to be technical. The first is kind of a sequel to My Child, written by a friend called Charlie I met tonight. Bon Appetite!

Lo .........I am but your child ........your pawn in the game of life and death
you drink of me and take my life
my essence now within your body ..........i permeate your soul
as you and i grow as one now ................
feeling me course through your veins
overcome by horror i live within your mind ........
a lifelike fantasy
my heart beats within your breast .........cold as the night
death be my dream

~¤«MørbîÐ §ðû£»¤~:

I cut myself
Just to bleed
To feel the pain
To know I'm alive

My body feels empty
A hollow shell of what I once was
This pain won't go away
Only the blade will save me

My soul is black
My heart is no longer there
I feast on my melancholy
I am nothing

I shed no tears
For my eyes remain dry
And dark as night
I feel nothing

I cut myself again
To feel the pain
To empty the contents
Of this morbid soul

Current Mood: bitchybitchy
Current Music: Spirit Creek- The Masquerade (fitting eh?)

Hmmm...we seem to be of the same mindset and mood tonight, my dear. Read my entry and tell me what you think.

Btw, I IMed you in MSN earlier and you never responded. *looks at you*

*gets looked at* I didn't get an IM from you, hun. Least I don't remember. Yeh Charlie was reading my mind when he wrote me back with a coupla poems. Made me go "holy shit" ya know, no ones ever echoed how i felt in a response to one of my poems, scary, eh? I have read your entry, made me think. Like "damn" ya kow? Beautiful song though, I should get the Pretty Woman soundtrack......


Naw...just go get the RHCP album called "What Hits?"...it's on there. Track # 11