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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Ever see  wattshumphrey literally ROFLing? It's quite amusing. That boy should not have rum, ever.
I went over to Jay's on Monday to get my charger, and  we ended up playing  cards and board games. We also got hammered. I was so drunk, I was giggling and then iI fell over. I landed on the rocking chair, the bruise on my ass is very pretty.

Tuesday evening, John and I had  one hell of a "nothing" fight. It was the kind of fight that just tore me apart. I spent all day  Wednesday  on the couch watching shitty TV and staring  into space. The only good thing about Wednesday is I caught Phantom on HBO. Yay two hours of something good,  followed by many more hours of staring blankly into space. 

Last night at the ballpark, I lost $20.  What happened was, I had taken an order they paid with $20 then Matt Hardy Beta ordered a soda, paid for that with exact change and then said to me "YouI're only getting one tip tonight" and handed me a $50. The words "Holy shit"  came out  of my mouth. I then took another order, they also paid with a $20, and while I was getting all of my stuff together I noticed I was missing $20.  I started freaking out, and ran backi into the kitchen where we ran a report, and I came up $14 short. I nanaged to cover it out of my $50, but I was so pissed at myself for doing something that stupid.  I left at the top of the fourth inning, due to lack of people in my sections and being pissed with myself. John picked me up from Starbucks after  bloodangel's game, and we watched Angel while he got  drunk. For the record, I am not weird enough to mix rum, Pepsi and lime juice. *shudder*

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