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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
This is what happens when Jen is too lazy to update regularly

The past week has been interesting, fun, and just all around fantastic. 

My birthday was a smash. Literally. wattshumphrey and I went to Landmark with tolookah Mike and Madi showed up, as well as shinyhappydeath and atheny. I was a little disappointed that 1ndustria couldn't make it, but who can be torn away from both sleep and WoW? I got nicely hammered, played pool and darts. John and I played two games of pool with Mike and Madi, the first was boys vs girls and the second was a couples game. I think the boys won the first game, and John and I won the second. shinyhappydeath and atheny had to cut out early since they both had an early day on Monday.  While we were playing darts, I knocked my drink out of John's hand accidentally. I felt so bad that my tasty Long Island had met a nasty end, it was easier to blame John for it even though in the light of sobriety I knew it was my fault. John and tolookah DDR'd while I was hammered, and unfortunately I was unable to enjoy watching them cos Mike said something that upset me. While we were taking tolookah home, Asia called which cheered me up instantly. I love my Asia. 

Monday night after the game, Jay and I went out for coffee and talked all night. I have a feeling there will be more amazingly serious conversations to come as we try to muddle our way back into a solid friendship.

Wednesday at the ballpark, I was fairly busy, and I had a tab open with former Green Bay Packer tight end Mark Chmura. I was going batshit. Before his statutory rape trial, he and a bunch of other Packers used to come into my mom's diner after partying at Taylor's next door. Since my mother and sister worked third shift weekends, they became friends with Mark and the gang. After taking care of his first round on Wednesday, I mentioned my mother to Mark, and his face lit up. He asked how she was and told me to tell her  hi, and that he missed her. As soon as I could I ran into the bathroom and called my mother. My exact words to her were "You are not going to fuckin' believe who I've got a tab open with right now!" Mom: "Who?" Jen: "Mark FUCKING Chmura!!". My mother thought that was awesome and she told me to tell him "Hi", I also called my sister and told her. That news cheered Carrie up amidst her own drama. Everytime I went through to see if he and his friends wanted another round, he told me "Don't forget to tell your mom hi". It was just so great to see him and to see that he was doing well. 

After the game Wednesday afternoon, I took my sister wattshumphrey and oboedan out to dinner. After food, we dropped Carrie off and headed back to John's. kreeblah came over and the boys settled in for a night of gaming. oboedan let me play Electro Plankton again and kreeblah let me play Tetris on his DS.

Thursday we went over to Mike and Madi's to see Konnor. We arrived during naptime, but once Konnor woke up he and John played together until John had to leave for bloodangel's game. He came back while I was outside talking to Eric, and I was so thrilled to see him even though it had been about three hours since he left.  Thursday night we watched a couple of epsiodes of Angel.

Friday was filled with a shit ton of running around and Angel. shinyhappydeath and atheny came over for a little while that evening, and we watched about half an hour of The Aristocrats, John hated it but I loved the little bit we watched. Eddie Izzard *twitch* After they left, we watched more Angel, but disc two of season five was all sorts of fucked up. John re-added that disc to his Netflix queue, so hopefully we'll get a better copy. I'm dying to see Lindsey again. *drool*

Saturday we watched Brokeback, and heckled most of the way through it. It was an ok movie, but definitely overrated. After Brokeback we went to Mayfair and went mallratting. I am officially a sellout. I bought a Boondock Saints shirt at Hot Topic. Oh the shame. We went back to his place, and he completely kicked my ass in a game of Rummy. We had dinner with Trent that night, and had a blast being smartasses with each other. When we dropped Trent off, he attempted to get out of the car through the sunroof, but as John was opening it, Trent's hair got caught. That was fucking hilarious.  After Trent we went over to Carrie's and played cards with her. 

Sunday the boys were gaming, and I surprisingly didn't fall asleep. I started reading a book, but for some reason I just didn't feel like reading, so TV kept me entertained.  I made loose plans with Crocostimpy Superbleeder to do the Focus thing in Green Bay again. If I can get that day off I'll be more than happy to go, if I can't we're prolly gonna hang out during my next block of off time.  So tonight it's back to the ballpark for me.

Current Mood: energeticenergetic
Current Music: Goo Goo Dolls- Long Way Down

I would sell my mother to gypsies for one night with Chewie. *drool*

You and me both.

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It's ok, really. Sleep is important. -heart-