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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I don't give a flying fuck what random_birth says she is fucking hot. 

My sister had to put her cat down yesterday. It was so sad to see her house so empty without Josh, she's getting a kitten soon, so hopefully that will help her heal a lil bit. wattshumphrey and I went to Carrie's to keep her company for a little bit. We played Skip-Bo and rummy. We also went to Johnny V's for dinner. I hope we cheered her up some.

musicmanken is coming home for summer break on Thursday. I won't get to see him right away due to my schedule.  I will see him over the summer though. Tim also should be coming back from Florida this week too. I've missed taking random drives to random places.  Strangely I don't have anything else to say right now, I just wanted to teaserandom_birth

Current Mood: lazylazy
Current Music: a random Panic at the Disco song on the radio

I am not you whore!

Na-uh I am so not.

Yes you are, cutie

NO I'm not and I' going to hurt you bad, so bad that it will go past being liked.

oooooo kinky. And yes, yes you are.

No I am not hon...and I can prove it with a random picture later.
*protects then hides H.I.M.*

Yes you are, sweetie. No random picture could ever disprove your scorching hotness. GAH! HIM is terrible. No one sings Type O Negative but Peter Steele.

It wiil and just because the few song you heard were bad means nothing! NOTHING I SAY!!!!
And I still am not hot

If the few songs I heard suck, then it means: THEY SUCK! :p And yes yes you are hot. Way hotter than me. Way hotter than any chick I know. *nod* Now what bitch? :D

*shouts* Please take this woman to the mental ward and have her locked away for she's not seeing things correctly!!!

Heh. I bet if I showed em your pic, the men in the white coats would say you're hot as theyre strapping the straitjacket on me. And....


Dammit, what is up with the not sexies

Public service announcement to Random_birth:

Babydoll, you need to stop fooling yourself into thinking you are not hot. More importantly, you need to stop trying to convince us of this... You are HOT... You are t3h 53x! You Roxxor my Boxxors... Deal with it. I know, just because everyone else says you are hot does not mean that you have to think so as well, But it damned well should. And for the ultimate proof of your sexxyness... look in a mirror and smile. Damn, that's a nice smile.

Don't argue with me damnit,
Jay t3h Golden God

Re: Dammit, what is up with the not sexies

Aside from the "golden god" thing, I concur