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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Panic! At the Ballpark

The last few days have been kind of straining.  I was having issues with my handheld on Saturday. A sellout crowd + broken stupid useless old handheld= Jen having a panic attack  sometime around the third inning. Joy. One of the ushers tried to help me out and get me calmed and breathing properly. I was grateful for his help, but I was too focused on getting my job done, so I stubbornly worked my way through the end of the game.  Yesterday was fine, except for the dizzy nauseating effect little sleep and even less food had on my body. I left during the fifth inning completely disgusted with the ills I was feeling. Good thing I left too, sometime between the time gates opened and the top of the fifth inning my pants split. I didn't notice it until I was on my way down to the locker room. Fuck. Guess I need to go shopping for a couple of more pairs of khakis. I was pretty busy all weeekend, made some good money.  Friday night was Ihop night. David, an usher from Loge Level, and myself had an insane ammount of fun cracking each other up and my family up.  Friday night on a whim I decided to go to the porn store, turns out they won't let you in with an expired ID. Fuck. Looks like wattshumphrey and I need to stop procrastinating and go to the DMV. Stupid porn stores.

Also Friday wattshumphrey and I went with Mike and Konnor to do some Mother's Day shopping. After getting various cards, we went to Borders and I picked up three cds. I got the new Chili Peppers cd (haven't listened to all of it yet), Panic! At the Disco (WHY do I like them?! I love the cd) and finally, Depeche Mode's Singles 85-98 (mmmm Dave Gahan) Madi got me a Mother's Day gift, which I thought was insanely sweet. I'll be getting that and returning an outfit I borrowed from Madi the next time I go over there. 

It appears that wattshumphrey will be busy tonight and we may not get to see each other.  I was thinking I'd head over to see golden_devil and maybe get some grub with him. I haven't seen him in a while.

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Current Music: none I'm watching Dawson's Creek

I think it depends on what store you go to. At mine we're not too strict about it, but I know we do refuse people with ideas cracked in half or without holograms on it.

I tried going to City News in Waukesha once and mine was expired, and they wouldn't let me in.

*shrug* I would've let you in. :p

It was Super Video. I know you would have let me in, but we were in that area and knowing my luck you wouldn't have been working.