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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Thing in Jenhen land have been kind of....meh.  Work has been busy and fun as usual, things are starting to pick up with the approach of summer.  David, Jeff and I have gone out to dinner after the games Friday and Saturday nights, and that has become kind of a tradition as well as an insanely fun time. 

wattshumphrey and I went to the DMV, and I concur with Dane Cook, the DMV is Satan's asshole. Surprisingly we were there for about half an hour, my new ID is crap and I hate it so much. I also successfully got into the porn store, and bought very shitty porn. Stupid cheap 3 for $20s. 

Saturday wattshumphrey and I went to his brother's graduation party at his mom's place.  I had moments where I was talking to various aunts and having good conversations with them, yet there was this underlying feeling of...something.  I could definitely see the gossipy backstabby in-fighting that John has spent a lot of time bitching about. I wondered for a little while what the Lisak clan had to say about my presence, and I was vaguely amused.  We talked with his cousin Shelby for a while and she seemed to be the best person there. Despite family drama, she had a very down to earth vibe. 

I have a week's worth of shit taped that I've just now started watching. Way to be not around, Jen. 

Current Mood: blankblank
Current Music: none-I'm watching Raw

It must be something in the water....the meh feeling that is.

Damn Milwaukee water...