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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

wattshumphrey and I saw X3 yesterday. Wow. Special effects were awesome, but the plot was seriously meh. Kelsey Grammer looked good in the previews but in reality he was pretty flat. Rogue was lame, the  Jean Grey/Phoenix story could have been better, Magneto was nuetered hardcore, Wolverine wasn't as badass as he should have been,  Storm was actually the most kickass of the XMen.

I got to see Konnor on Thursday. He was being very hyper and kind of grumpy, he also used me as a trampoline. Konnor decided it would be fun if he jumped off of my back. Having a two year old jump off of your spine is not fun.

wattshumphrey and  kreeblah are working on John's desktop, trying to get it up and running. Today is lifeofwik's  graduation party, and we'll be heading out there as soon as we hear from  them.  I think that's actually it for now.

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