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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Insominac's Dream

QOTD for 29 May: "Jesus, Ren,  I think I liked it better when you were poking my boobs!" Said by me while Ren was continually poking my nose Monday morning. 

Memorial Day weekend settled on us in a wave of disguting humidity. This weekend was warm, bright, beautiful, humid, and exhausting.  I got up around 10am Saturday morning, and by the time John picked me yesterday I had only gotten about three hours of sleep. 

Saturday afternoon/early evening John and I headed out to Grafton for shinyhappydeath's graduation party. We arrived at Centenial Park shortly before everyone was leaving.  John, tolookah, and I played on the playgroud for a little while. That was insanely fun.  After cleaning up at the park, the gang trouped to shinyhappydeath and atheny's apartment for da boozing.  We played Cricle of Death with a few other people, and I was nicely drunk.  radlith and yougettoburning showed up and hung out playing video games. They boys played Risk which was fun to watch, and I made the defense rolls for green after Steve/Jesus dropped out.  After the game Will threw in The Simpons while John and I camped out on the matress in the living room. I was in a nice comfy doze on the way to dreaming when I was woken up by what sounded like a frieght train rolling through the apartment. Will and Taryn's friend Caddy was snoring so insanely that neither John nor I could sleep. Around 3:30 we decided a couple hours sleep at his place would be a little better than nothing so we headed back to his place. He dropped me off on his way to work and I thought I'd get some sleep before going over to Jay's for his mom's birthday party.

I couldn't sleep, so I showered and headed out. Not long after I got there, Mike and Konnor arrived, and I found out that Jay and I would be going to Kenosha to pick up the beautiful random_birth and kidnap her for the night.  I was so happy about that. I've missed Ren. Unfortunately we couldn't get in touch with Damien while he was in town. I've been dying to see him since we met at Bristol. The BBQ itself was pretty low-key, when Beth showed up I thought it would be best if I chilled in Jay's room and tried to nap until it was time to get Ren. That plan kinda worked. When I was getting nice and comfy, Ren called.  On the way back from Kenosha Ren and I were hangin out in the backseat and the three of us were being silly. 

By the time we got back, Beth and her finace had left, which meant I no longer had to avoid people, and avoided drama. Yay no drama. We all ate, ran around, and karaoked til sundown when the cops came and busted us. One of the neighbours called in a complaint and the pigs came to shut us down.  After hanging out and getting things packed up we went to Node. It was really cool to hang out with Ren while Jay and I played cards. Ren spent most of the time on the phone with her Mistress with her head in my lap. I was so happy to pet her.  There was a little drama when I found out that Larry had told Konnor to play with "Auntie" Beth. Mike, Madi, and I were pissed. She will never be his auntie. 

When we came back Jay and Ren hung out while Jay did some drinkin while I tried to sleep. No sleep still for the Jen. Around 5am we tried to go to bed, but we ended up talking, laughing, and poking Ren. There was a little bit of drama,  I overreacted to something due to my exhaustion. I'm sorry, Ren. Ren had a whole lot of fun poking me in the boobs and nose.  During the random teasing of Ren she ended up biting me and bitch slapping me, holy fuck does she pack a whallop. Bitch :p  

Around 9:30 we finally fell asleep, and by the time we all left I had gotten about two hours of sleep. I was tired hot and really fuckin crabby. We took Ren home and then went for lunch, while she randomly took pictures of us. On the way back to Milwaukee, Jay and I got caught in a heavy storm. The rain was literally pouring down the windsheild so hard and thick we had to pull over. As we waited for the rain to slow, I pulled out my notebook and Jay and I wrote. It was really cool to write with him again.  

I got home with enough time to shower and change before John came to get me. I managed to stay awake for a couple of hours before going into the bedroom and just passing out. I think I meant to make a phone call, but I just crashed really hard. Face down laying horizontally across the bed, and I was just gone. After 50+ hours of being awake....it was needed

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