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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I think there was a record set for the ammount of times I could be pissed off in a three hour time frame. 
At Node last night  the follwing things happened:
-Jay's friend Katie thought I was Beth

Fuck Beth with a rusty pipe. She has blown off someone I cared about, gotten upset over something stupid, tried to steal Dustin's boyfriend, lied about someone I care about, been bitchy about/towards me when I've been in a situation where I've avoided her like the plague, and she's tried to take someone from Sue at munch and pass him off to Tonie. So yeah fuck that cunt.

-John sounded completely uninterested when I called him last night
That made me hate everything with a penis except for Dustin, Luke and the "I hate Beth" circle I was in last night.

-Nick's girlfriend insulted Jay right in front of me

I adore Nick and all, but for a drunk bitch to call my one of my best friends ugly just cos he's androgynous (sp?) is not cool. More importantly for her to say that is kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, she's no prize herself, and as much as I like him neither is Nick.

-My kinkyness was called into question, and upon stating my kink and my reasons for not talking about it I was given a look from Katie  that said "fucking closet case bitch, you are scum"

The thing that pissed me off the most about that look is the fact that I have gotten it before. Yes, I enjoy my kinks, and I don't talk about it because for me it's more intimate than vanilla sex, simply because of the trust level between myself and my partner. I have explained that to people and have mostly gotten a "fair enough" and from a Domme I got "That's cool, I completely understand" so why the fuck do some people have to get all "kinkier than thou" on me? Fuck that noise. 

Hanging around Jay, Dustin, Mark, Matt, and David was pretty cool, and we were talking shit about each other to the point where the laughs were constant. Being in that circle really took the anger away.  

Ren just sent me piccys. Yay!.

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So, apparently someone has no taste whatsoever. Jay, ugly? Last I checked, Jay and ugly weren't on speaking terms.

Jay and Ugly had a horrible breakup about *thinks* five years ago. Since then Ugly has tried to lure Jay back, but Jay has looked Ugly in the eye and said "Fuck you, bitch!"

Well it's nice to see that Nick's pattern of dating horrible girls who need to learn to keep their mouths shut hasn't changed much. God, I'm still showering to get rid of the Jodie residue from way back when.

And when are we going to hang out again, stranger? I haven't even touched my Skip-Bo or Phase 10 in a long time.

I need to meet this wattshumphrey character you seem to think so highly of, too.


Nick's girlfriends are few and far between, but after knowing Jodie wanted Jay and knowing Jay's fucked JayCee it's only a matter of time before she comes crawling to Jay's bed. Everyone seems to want to meet wattshumphrey , but Node isn't really his scene, and he wants to beat Jay's face in. I'd love to hang out sometime, I need your number again. I miss seeing my favourite redheaded drama queen :D