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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Thursday night Jay and I boozed it up good. An entire bottle of Jack. Good lord we was hammered. I mean HAM to the MERED.

Friday morning I got picked up by my adorable wattshumphrey, and it was so awesome to see him. I'm torn between hating his short hair and loving its fuzzyness. Stupid fuzzy!  We had breakfast, more accurately he had breakfast and I had coffee. After a half a bottle of Jack and an hour of sleep food just looked and smelled disgusting, and that's without being hungover. Imagine if I had been hungover *shudder*  After breakfast we watched some Utena and I took a nap. John woke me up and after various goofing around type things I settled in to watch the baseball game. I fell asleep sometime in the second inning and woke up during the bottom of the third. When I woke up the Brewers were winning 6-0, but the tide was turning. The final score was 10-6 Cardinals. w00t! 

Saturday was a lazy chill around the house, go grocery shopping, Jen make lunch, take Jen to work day. 
After work, I hung out with Jay, onikoneko, random_birth, and got to meet Shoe. After a good long cuddle with Damien we played some cards and dropped me off. During the course of the evening, I had this disturbing feeling that I wasn't welcome. My post Saturday night/Sunday morning is a reflection of that.  The Cardnials lost to the Brewers 4-3 :o(

Sunday was working on no sleep, leaving kind of early, getting picked up by John, sleeping, being woken up for dinner, and more sleep. The Cardinals won 5-7 :D

I get to see John today after work, which makes me insanely giddy. I have selfishly decided that after work sends him to Colorado in July and after GenCon in August that he is no longer allowed to leave the state. I missed him a lot while he was in California, and I don't want to be that lonely again. So as of post GenCon he's now on parole. :D

While checking my Myspace (yes I suck), the wonderfully angry and awesome Senor Torment has teamed up with his friend Exzlye to bring the return of Tormented Soul/Amomxia. That is w00tness.  I also found Mario and messaged him. I miss that kid.  I've also discovered Spirit Creek on MySpace, so yay!

I've also gotten more into baseball this season. I loathe the Red Sox more now than I did when they won the series, I bleed red and white (wooooo Cards!), and I've found a new like/respect for the Brewers. What sucks about the Brewers is mostly their pitching. They have wonderful batters, but the pitching is god awful. It's really no surprise that they have an impressive come from behind record with batters like Bill Hall, Carlos Lee, Prince Fielder, and Damien Miller. Maybe working at Miller Park is giving me the "Yay! Brew Crew vibe" or maybe I'm just really liking baseball more and more.....

And now an LJ-cut spectacular!

Me and onikoneko all cuddled up and warm and cozy. It was awesome to see him :D

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