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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

You know I saw something on the news last night that nearly made me choke. Some company is making postcards of what happened Sept 11. I don't mean all the flags flying around New York and pictures of people rallying to the cry of patriotism. There are postcards of the Towers getting hit and collapsing, there's even one with a funeral. My faith in American people is now shattered. Fucking money grubbing anything to make a buck morons. Like the families of the people dead and missing want any more of a reminder they've lost someone. *glares at my radio* God would they stop playing Creed already! Anyway, it's just disgusting. Someone said on the news about the families being exploited and other people said it was disgusting. I hate people, I really fuckin do.
..............Um, things here are ok. I heard back from the British Consulate. They can't extend my visa, so when I get a job I need to save up for another visa and air fare. Oh yeah I have a poem on poetry.com, it's already been posted on LJ, so I'm sure whoever reads this has seen it along with most of my friends. Um....I don't think I have anything else to say. I'll end with this:
"Hide, conseal yourself
What sense does it make
To hide your ways
Tucked away from your lesson"
--------Spirit Creek The Masquerade

Current Mood: cynicalcynical
Current Music: Staind-Outside
People are blah

hehe, look thats me being paranoid. Anyway, I totally agree with your view of the human race as a whole being pretty crappy. I tended not to like people to begin with, and then after I started at the shelter, my opinion of us as a species has diminished greatly. Never have I had a problem with an animal that wasn't pretty directly related to the idiots that the poor animal lived with to begin with. And I would rather deal with the dogs and cats that are trying to bite and scratch, rather than the people which will try and lay a guilt trip on me, and make me feel bad when they have a self created problem that I am unable to aleviate immediatly. So yeah, I must say that I tend to be rather cynical as far as people go, even though I foolishly continue to give them the benefit of the doubt when they often don't deserve it. What can I say, I'm torn right down the middle of being an optimist and a pessimist. Pretty interesting trying to be both at the same time. Someday, everyone will be better

Re: People are blah

Lol it called me someone, yep thats me... just someone yeah thats me, anyway yeah this and that was/is me meggers just thought i would let you know even though you would figure it out probably but ya know anyway ok bye love ya

Re: People are blah

lol Yes, I figured it was you Megsy ~g~ oh yeh n me loves you too

Re: People are blah

lol Megsy, you could never be paranoid. Yeah, people suck. Speshully human people. Aminal people are nice n fuzzy, can you believe Matt wants a rat?! ~shudder~ Yeah, I'd rather be with cats n dogs who are trying to maim me, than with people who try to lay their hang ups on me just because they're too stupid to realise it's not my god damn problem. We're born cynics Megs, walkin the line between hate and compassion ~sigh~

hay~! I got a poem on there poetry.com! ;p