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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

First things first: whoever infected me will be hunted down and stabbed, because now not only do I have to worry about the humidity depriving me of breath, I have to deal with a fucking cold. I hate this random person. 

I'd like to say that the past few days have been a blur of excitment, but really they haven't.  I've been working, hanging out with John and kreeblah. John and I have watched a lot of Utena, and I'm very much liking it. 

I did get to see musicmanken last week. We hung out and played Skip-Bo, rummy, and Monopoly. As usual I won the first rummy game, and Monopoly. Bwahaha. I was really happy to see him. 

I also saw my Konnor last week. He was quite adorable until he bit my boob. That fucking hurt.  

Friday night was hanging out at Ihop after the game, and then in the wee hours of the morning, I finally got a hold of Tim. He and I went for a random drive, grabbed some Starbucks and played catch-up. He'd had a very interesting/drama filled first month back, but it was really good to see him.

Saturday I bought a big bottle of Jack, and after the game, the crew and I went to Ihop. My sister and I had orginally planned to drink ourselves stupid in celebration of her birthday. She and I ended up having one shot and one drink because neither of us felt like drinking a lot thanks to the humidity. A few interesting things happened before Ihop though. 

Carrie called me from the locker room area saying she needed help walking (she'd dropped an air conditioner on her foot and seriously fucked up her toe), and on my way to meet her our boss Tom Olson made a smart assed comment about her sock getting dirty. I said to Carrie "Let me see if I can piggyback you" so she hopped up on my back and I gave her a piggyback ride in front of Tom. I hope we amused him. Then on the walk up the hill we'd noticed a shopping cart, I put my bag in it and Carrie hopped in the cart. I ended up pushing my sister up the hill in a shopping cart. It was "you had to be there" funny.

I tried calling Mario today. No luck *pout* I also left a message for childofscandal to see if she could come out and play with Jay and I on Wednesday night.  

I may get to meet local DJ/friend Ryan Miller tonight. He and a bunch of buddies are coming to the game and sitting in a suite on first base side. Hopefully we'll run into each other while they're walking around and exploring the Club Level. That would be nice.

England is undefeated in the World cup so far. Tomorrow's match against Sweden should be interesting.

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Current Music: RHCP-C'Mon Girl