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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Whoever invented Midol is the greatest person ever. I bet it was a man. I feel like shit, all crampy and sleepy.  I called Susan a little while ago to see if she needed me. Turns out she does, apparently they were swamped last night. I wouldn't know since I was spending the evening with wattshumphrey for his birthday.  Susan said she put me in a good section, and now I'm kind of pumped about working today. The thought of making money does that to me.

When we met up downtown he was in a shitty mood due to work, and sometime during dinner he cheered up a bit, that was good. Dinner at Outback was delicious as usual, however John arguing with me about paying was both fun and annoying.  I think if he hadn't finally given in he would have clubbed me over the head and dragged me back to the car.  John also has the best sweat/loungey/jammie pants ever! I felt so blah, so I stole a random pair of loungey pants and a t-shirt from him. I was frumpy, and I didn't care. It was all about the comfort.

After getting my coffee at the mall yesterday I ran into Jay. We walked around and talked for a little while, and kind of solidfied plans for tonight.  Speaking of which I'll call you when I get to Jay's this afternoon, childofscandal

I also ran into Luke yesterday. I didn't even recgonise him when he and his boyfriend sat down in front of me. When he asked me if I knew kosherspam, I went all giddy and happy. Somehow Luke has gone from looking like the gawky but adorable gay little brother I never had to incredibly handsome man. It was kind of bizzare, but now I have his number so I can make plans to hang out with him instead of randomly running into him. 

Monday work was a little more fun than usual. My sections were dead, I wasn't making money, I had to fix a massive fuck up of Steve's, and I was sweating like a pig.  When I called Ryan at the station he told me he was going to be in one of the suites on first base side, so around 6:30 or so I started randomly walking over to first base side. The third time I walked past, I literally walked right past him, then when I realised it was him I turned around and waved like and idiot. We did the whole "Hey it's you!" thing while he was pigging out on free food. I told him what sections I was in and asked him to stop by. On my way back from one of the sections around home plate I saw him sitting enjoying the game. I poked him and then sat and talked to him for a few minutes. We talked about random things, but mostly about baseball.  Meeting him was so fun.  

England and Sweden went to a 2-2 draw yesterday, which kind of surprised me. I still haven't seen the match, as I taped it and saw the score at Outback. Michael Owen blew his ACL and is now out for the rest of the Cup. That makes me sad, Owen is a wonderful player. England's next match is against Ecuador on the 25th. I hope they don't get knocked out of the second round. I'd love to see England win it for the first time in forty years. Go Lions!

And now Jenhen is off to make some money..........ish.

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Current Music: The Beatles-Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds

Sigh... I miss stealing clothes from men. Especially when they're still wearing them. *eg* lol Love you Parsnip. Just dropping a quick comment so you know I'm still checking up on ya.


Re: Sigh...

*giggle* thats the best time to steal their clothes and now if you'll excuse me world cup match *turns to tv* oh yeah i almost forgot i love you Sri Lanka

Re: Sigh...

Soccer is BORING!

Just letting ya know. LoL, Love ya too Parsnip. Did I already say that?

Re: Sigh...

Your FACE is boring..

I love you too Egg McMuffin