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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Buh bye Ecuador!  England's next match will be against the winner of the Portugal/Netherlands match. Sweden was knocked out of the cup by Germany. Someone at my corner store thinks it will be Germany/Brazil in the final, but I think it'll be either England/Germany or England/Argentina. It'll prolly be Germany/Argentina though. Beckham kicked a goal that was both pretty and sloppy if that's possible. Ecuador's keeper looked a little off, like he'd underestimated Beckham, and underestimating Beckham can be very bad.  Wayne Rooney is a machine and a beast. He played an amazing second half.  Rumours are floating around that Beckham may come to an American team, I can't really imagine that happening, but if he does it would be pretty fucking amazing. 

I was mildly hungover this morning, it's kind of sad when you're sitting there with the hangover dry heaves and you're comparing it to other hangovers. My last hangover was vicious, but this one was virtually nothing. 

Yesterday wattshumphrey and I did some random running around. Groceries, looking for a feeder for the Toozie monster, and I spent nearly my whole check on movies at Best Buy. When we came home we put away the groceries and settled in to watch Go, which was a pretty incredible movie.  We got a call from lifeofwik inviting us to hang out with him and atheny. The boys were doing various compy type things while us girls got drunk and watched girlie movies.  At some point lifeofwik and atheny acquired a bottle of UV Red, and me with my creative mind decided to make a screwdriver with it. It tasted just like Hawaiian Punch, but boozey. I invented a drink, and I encourage all of you to buy UV Red vodka and orange juice to make your very own Hawaiian Punch at home.  Be careful with it though, Hawaiian Punches will hit you like Alabama Slammers. You'll be knockin em back and having a good ol time thinking you're not drunk, but when you stand up, you're suddenly hammered. Or maybe I'm just a lightweight.

At some point the boys were playing WoW, and atheny and I in our inebriated states got pretty catty with them for being boys. John drooling over WoW made me think I've been a bad girlfriend. *pout*
WoW sucks. I think I'm going to go watch my pretty new copy of Boondock Saints and do some laundry.

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Current Music: the cieling fan whirring away

We have to just face that WoW owns the souls and minds of our boyfriends. Although for the first time I actually don't think the game is completely horrible but I just don't have the addictive side. I like playing it but I have trouble using a whole evening only to get a level or two higher from where I was.

I just don't see the point of playing a game when you've got a girlfriend there who wants to cuddle up with you. Hearing John rave about it really does make me feel like I've been a bad girlfriend. Sometimes boys really do suck.

Assuming I don't like you because I don't spend every second on you is very bad logic. Very very bad logic.

I don't get upset every time you smoke, do I? (Well, less that I don't and more that I tolerate it).

I'm a woman, bring irrational is in my DNA. You may not realise it, but I have cut way back on the smoking around you. I try not to smell like cigarettes when you pick me up. I go out to smoke a lot when I'm drunk, and you let me smoke when we go to breakfast. I do appreciate that btw. *looks at time on your post* Did you suddenly fly to Ireland or are you using the lappy in the bedroom?