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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Quote of the day for Friday 30 June
wattshumphrey: "You're like apples, WoW is like candy"
sweetcharade: *blink*
wattshumphrey: "You're wholesome and full of various nutrients"

This weekend was a quiet, lazy work on random projects weekend.  Friday wattshumphrey and I had our usual breakfast. His new laptop arrived from Dell Friday afternoon, so he has spent a good chunk of time this weekend reinstalling a whole buncha stuff on it. 

Friday afternoon/evening we met up with Mike, Madi and Konnor for Chinese buffet and LOTR. The boys watched Fellowship while us girls did our hair and nails. wattshumphrey had been asking me what I looked like blonde, so I attempted to dye my hair a shade pretty close to my natural colour. It kind of failed. The blonde lightened my red a little, and gave it a kind of gold/coppery tint. The colour really doesn't look very different, but I can see the difference. I'm still a redhead......ish. I guess I'm now a strawberry blonde. 

Saturday wattshumphrey did more compy stuff while I chilled/read/napped on the couch. *stares blankly at screen*  I lost my train of thought, maybe there'll be more after England v Portugal.......

Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: England v Portugal....exciting World Cup action!