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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Jeff, David and I went to Southridge yesterday. I bought three shirts at Hot Topic *hangs head* I am such a sellout. There was a sale at Bath & Body Works too. Body sprays were $5, I bought cucumber melon, white cherry blossom, and black raspberry vanilla and I bought pearberry lotion. I am in girlie scent heaven.  I'm lovin it. Cucumber melon is the best.

I've talked to English Matt recently, and it was really good to hear from him. 

I finally met watthumphrey's dad on Monday. He is fucking awesome.  I could definitely see the similarities between the two of them, it was like looking into a crystal ball. 

Today at work I had the highest sales of the day. I was very pleased with that.  I made $70 in tips tonight, and had an absolute blast tonight. I'm kind of looking forward to the start of the Cubs series even though I know I am going to get my ass kicked pretty hardcore. 

I went to bed last night with a horrifc headache, and woke up with one that was ten times worse. It was a pulsing ache that made my face hurt.  I was seriously thinking about calling in, but in the end I took a couple of excedrin and took a catnap. When I went to work the headache had just about gone away and I was in an awesome mood.  I feel good, but tired.

Current Mood: lethargiclethargic
Current Music: Nirvana-Lithium