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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I just filled out an application for Super Video *giggle* After the game David took Jeff and I to the porn store, I picked up a couple of dvds and a new toy :D

I talked to English Matt again today, that was really cool. I also talked to Mario, and that was awesome. I miss that kid a lot.

The game today was fun...ish. I was pretty steady so I didn't have time to pay attention to the game.  I had a runner come up to me at bitch at me about an order. There were two vodka cocktails on the order, an Absolut on the rocks with three olives and an Absolut and tonic. Pretty simple right? Apparently my bartender kept fucking up the drinks so the runner had to take them back and get them done right.  Sometime around the 6th inning a runner came up to me and started yelling and swearing at me in front of guests in my section telling me I need to pay attention to my fucking orders. I was LIVID... I told him flat out that I did not screw up my order and that he needed to get away from me. I went into the kitchen to get these drinks made right and every other word out of my mouth was "fuck" and I was snapping left and right. When I gave the guys their drinks made the way they wanted, I apologised profusely and told them what happened. They were really cool about it and gave me $5 for going and fixing it.
The runner came up to me as I was doing last call to apologise, and still fuming I told him to go away "I don't want to hear it go. Just go." When I came in to cash out, Susan was talking to him about it, and thne I had to run back out into the stands to close a tab, and on my way back the second time Susan pulled me aside and told me that he wanted to apologise and she'd talked to him.  I explained my side of the story and told Susan what had made me angry about it, that he came out tearing my head off and swearing at me in front of the guests. That shit makes us look bad, she mentioned writing him up. I hope she does. I'm not looking forward to seeing that runner tomorrow, but I do know that I will be able to be rational (ish) about it if he tries to talk to me about what happened today. I fucking hate people. 

Over the past few days I've been hearing various Miller Park employees bitching about Cubs fans. The cubs fans I dealt with today and last season were awesome. Yes, they were obnoxious smartasses, but they were also genuinely cool people.  I can't wait to deal with the people tomorrow, the rest of the week is sold out so yay money.  And now off to bed with the Jenhen, I have a breakfast date with wattshumphrey in the morning.

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Current Music: The Toadies-Possum Kingdom

Tell him to make you EGGS!... 'K. That's all I wanted to say.

Adore you, Parsnip.

Tell him yourself. Pretty flowers. I love you!

Awww... ty sis. I love you too!

Were they hiring over SV or just accepting applications? You should have put me as a reference, I already got 2 people hired there that have been there for quite a while.

I heard they go through employees like crazy, though. Though none I have ever recommended have been canned. At least to my knowledge.

And what did you buy? :)

I think they said hiring, I need to drop it off still. I bought a new vibrator a and some of the random 3 for $20 cheapies. I let my friend Jeff pick out a random foot fetish dvd and I got a random bi dvd and another random straight dvd.

I should have thought to use you as a reference, damn I suck.