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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

So in the last week I have done pretty much nothing. Well, at least nothing too exciting.

Tuesday and Wednesday I hung out with Mike Madi and Konnor. Madi gave me a whole bunch of clothes, which is mostly shirts. I need shirts like wattshumphrey needs a hole in his head.  Konnor was using me as a trampoline like he always does. I have a gigantic rectangular bruise on the back of my left leg. I have no idea how I got this bruise, but my theory is Konnor did it when he dive bombed me and landed right above my hamstring. 

Wednesday evening I hung out with Jay while he worked on cleaning his room. He had had a bad few days and was being uber emo and needed a friend. I'm not used to being the supportive one in this dysfunctional relationship, but I tried and failed.  His self destructive pattern caused a few bitchy arguments that resulted in him saying that he should have called someone else if he needed support. I was pissed, mostly because when I went through my self destructive phase I got no support from him.  You'd think that after going through this myself I would know what to say. 

Thursday afternoon we went to Bastille Days. I love Bastille Days. I instantly felt at home on the grounds. We walked around for a couple of hours, I got a dragon ring, we saw a crappy cover duo, and we saw the most amazingly beautiful Tango dancers ever. They moved with an indescribable grace and beauty. I was entranced.  While wandering around we decided to sit down and watch the crappy cover duo we walked by earlier. They weren't that bad in reality, but the first thing I'd heard from them was a Beatles cover, which was pretty bad. When we sat down they did some good songs that had us singing along and we were getting weird looks from the people around us. At some point they said "And this is a Beatles song"  I instantly facepalm. Guy: "I guess she doesn't like the Beatles" Jenhen: "No I love the Beatles, the Beatles are my favourite band. Do it right!"  The audience laughed, and the guy said "Lotta pressure from this table now"  They did From Me To You, A Hard Day's Night and Let It Be. From Me To You was alright, but the other two were mediocre at best.  We also hung out with my sister for a little while.  My mom bought me a candleabra from Bert & George the blacksmiths. YAY!

Friday wattshumphrey and I hung out. Well he played WoW and I read. lifeofwik and atheny came over, and the boys played WoW. Later on in the evening wattshumphrey, kreeblah, lifeofwik, atheny, and I saw Pirates of the Carribean 2.  Everyone but wattshumphrey and I seemed to really like it.  I didn't like the first one, I still think Johnny Depp was the best part of both of them, and Keira Knightly is still fucking hot.  Unfortunately they left it wide open for a third movie. 

Yesterday was a complete fucking bust. I was supposed to go to a wedding with my sister, but my check hadn't arrived at the house so I called her and said I couldn't come cos I couldn't go shopping.  I was pissed and I felt like I was letting Carrie down. wattshumphrey said "You didn't need to tell her all that. Where's Wal Mart?"  So we went to Wal Mart and on the way there we saw the best thing ever, an ice cream truck driven by an old fat woman who was smoking in the truck.  At Wal Mart I got a great pair of sandals that matched my dress, nylons, undies, and a cute shade of lipstick. Once we were done at Wal Mart wattshumphrey dropped me off at Carrie's. 

I was supposed to be picked up at around 4:30, at 5:30 I texted Carrie saying "I think Andy forgot about me" Carrie: "I thought you weren't coming" Jenhen: "I told you to ignore that message". Around 6:00 I said "fuck it I'm going home" I got pretty for nothing *pout* and  wattshumphrey  spent his money for nothing *pout* When I got home, I decided to get my check cashed and go to Bastille.  I spent nearly $100 on rings(whooooooo I'm wearing eight rings again!!!!),  I bought Carrie something she'd love, and I got Jay something really cool.  After cigarettes and various other things at Bastille I now have enough money to buy minutes for my phone.  I need those badly.  My phone is dead. 

Oh and Clerks 2 opens Friday. I can't wait!

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