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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
The day of rockening

Today was a beautiful day. Crocostimpy Superbleeder and I went to Illinois with a few of his Focus buddies. On the drive there were played catch-up, and he introduced me to a few bands I hadn't heard. Dragonforce-an epic English band that could give Iron Maiden a run for their money. 
Scooter-An Enlgish drum & bassy type band with a guy named Dave from Sheffield. Also adept with covers.
Lordi- Winners of the Eurovision thingy. Also very epic. And good. It takes balls to call your album Arockalypse, and it takes even bigger balls to write the lyric "the day of rockening". Very 80s and balls to the wallsy.  

We went to Hooters near Woodfield in Shaumburg. Lunch was filled with tons of conversation and the most crude, but hilarious jokes. Example: "Jen I have a feeling you like a lot of things bone deep"-Superbleeder. There were five guys and only two girls, so there were tons of dick and fart jokes. I loved every minute of it. 

All four Focuses and owners posed for pictures, and Carmen and I kept faking that the camera wasn't working for the second picture, so the boys were standing there for a good five minutes with their asses stuck out while we giggled.  We all went to Gameworks, which is the most impressive arcade I've ever seen. Two floors of new and classic video games. Even for a person that isn't too into video games it is a sight to behold.  Superbleeder and I hunted together, which I totally sucked at, the others did the multiplayer Indy race, there were a few games of pool played, and I played pinball. I adore pinball. Oh! I got to watch Matt DDR, he's good.

We almost saw Clerks 2, but Superbleeder needed to get back to Milwaukee, so we all went our seperate ways. After getiing back into town we hung out with his friend Chris for a little bit I got to see his amazing cars, and we smoked a little. Well I smoked a little, but the guys smoked a lot more.  I just got home a little while ago. Today was an awesome day, oh and so I don't get yelled at the Pimpmobile is as fantastic and pimpier than ever. His underbody neon changes colours! I had an amazing time, so thank you hun for inviting me!

wattshumphrey feels his interview with Nighthawk went well. He's going to Colorado for a week with work on Monday, then I go to Green Bay for a weekend on 4 August, then he's off to GenCon, so we won't be seeing each other very much. He and kreeblah are without the interweb *pout*. I couldn't live without my interweb. I'm sposed to see him tomorrow night, so that should be fun.

English matt gave me a couple of  good links regarding Boudicca, and he also gave me a good idea for my male lead. My goals for the next month: teach my female to hunt, and create my male's backstory.

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Current Music: Joan Jett-I Hate Myself For Loving You