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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

wattshumphrey sent me the cutest text as he was boarding his plane. I got misty.  We had a beautiful morning today. We had a wonderful breakfast, where the conversation was better than the coffee. He had a sudden "I don't want to go" mood swing, the poor thing. I didn't want him to go either. 
Last night while he played WoW and iris_of_ether's Mage game, I played C! on the bedroom laptop. I was getting really frustrated because I had some really stupid partners. 

He also gave me a 20p piece, I think he said lifeofwik gave it to him to give to me. I got really sentimental. It was minted in 2001, quite possibly while I was in England. I always get really sentimental this time of year, on 1 August it will be five years since I set foot on English soil. Thank you, lifeofwik. And now I'm off to work.........

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Rather than call and bother him on his work trip, maybe I can ask you...

Do you have any idea when John's getting back from Colorado? I found out earlier this week that nkatter might not be able to make the game a week from Sunday, which was scheduled to be my last one (so, you know, he really shouldn't be missing it).

What we were considering doing was just running an extra long game this upcoming Sunday (since Katter doesn't have to work), starting around whenever John gets off from work...except that I don't know if he'll be in state on that day. Oy.

On the plus side, if that does work out, he won't be occupied by the game the Sunday before Gen Con. Extra hangout time, I suppose.

I think John comes back on Saturday, so he'll be able to play Sunday. I don't know if he'll be able to do an extra long game, I'm pretty sure he goes back to work on Monday. We made plans to see a movie Monday night, since he'll be busy most of the week and I'm going to Green Bay on Friday. So yeah, I think Saturday. :D

Well, for an extra long game, I was referring to having it start early, as opposed to having it run late. The Milwaukee folk start tanking out before 10 PM (your time) anyway.

It's good to hear, though.

He should be able to be there then. :D